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Looking for 12mil+ Alliance

Looking for an alliance that have a minimum score for all events and do map5x5 my prestige is 4850 (will be going up a lot over the next month or 2)


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    SpiderkimggSpiderkimgg Posts: 55
    10M here we do map5x5, our average PI is 4787 so we get 100M milestone AQ reward when we do 5x5. Hit me up in Line: kimisgg
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    PaperPaper Posts: 40
    We are Groot [4EG] is a 11.8mil ally that keeps up AQ 5x5 and AW tiers 1-2 and we're looking for new members! You can message me on Line: pnrbnr
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    TheBroookTheBroook Posts: 34

    We’re a 12m alliance - T4 weekly, and T2/T1 AW. Hit me up - IGN & Line is TheBroook.
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    FEARZ_0FEARZ_0 Posts: 69
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    Doomsfist79Doomsfist79 Posts: 922 ★★★
    Hey there.. We are looking for one more.. here's a poster with our info and most recent AQ score.. contact me on line at solarflare79 if interested.4r9kpiy1tr38.jpg
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