Dr. Strange

I guess there's no real bug going on with him, he just sucks, y'all took a god tier champion and made his power bar filling speed beyond slow, nerfed his life steal, nerfed his perfect block for the first 9 seconds, a buff would be appreciated seeing as before the original nerf i dumped dozens of dig stones into him and took him up to R4 as a 4 star, but now i hardly use him, come on guys, at least make him average


  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 13,270 Guardian
    Strange isn't top tier any more, but he is above average in my opinion. And it seems that is the consensus opinion of arena grinders: he has the second highest score for a repeat basic in the new arena format (Magik has the highest). That suggests he isn't as worthless or undesirable as some people claim he is.
  • Not so imba
  • devil_jeffdevil_jeff Posts: 36
    no worries, kabam is reviewing and collecting datas on DS. But how long that's going to take.. noone knows..
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