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Any of these mediocre 5*s worth catalysts?



  • PandamanTanPandamanTan Posts: 120
    5* Wolverine X-23 - unduped - rank up to r3/45
    X-23 is amazing duped or unduped
  • neeksbneeksb Posts: 24
    5* Wolverine X-23 - unduped - rank up to r3/45
    So regen in this game is very important. No one matches the regen of wolverine duped or blade duped. of course kabam doesn't want us with champs able to go through entire maps with 100% health so in order to equal things out with wolverine they decreased his damage (if you have 5/5 deep wounds It makes a big difference, which is what I leveled up as soon as possible in masteries). With x23 they gave her much higher damage output than wolvie but decreased her regen ability. I always keep her power bar at full and let her bleed and crits do the damage instead of using specials.

    X23 is best for longer matches because keeping her at max power will keep her regen ability at maximum and if you incur damage she will slowly regen it back. If you level her up the percent of health regained will be the same every time a regen is triggered.

    But when its all said and done the game is about hitting without getting hit back which is very evident in act 5.2 And even more so in act 5.3 when block damage can take away huge portions of life.
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