Jake Gavin Jr.: is the contest ready for a gender fluid hero?

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Jake Gavin Jr.: is the contest ready for a gender fluid hero? 32 votes

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Loki beat her/him to it.
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I defer to others on this and other complicated social issues.
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    For reference:

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    Nope nope nope...... Just no
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    Loki beat her/him to it.

    PS How did Loki beat her to this?

    He did turn himself into a mare, seduced a stallion and bore at-least one foal.
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    Probably thinks everyone should conform to his ideas no matter how bad they are
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    So he has to flag cause he doesnt like what i think
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    Whether or not i think so or not, is there even enough comic material to base the character off of and create a villian for it, i read up on its history and it only appeared in like 3 comics.
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    Loki beat her/him to it.
    So he has to flag cause he doesnt like what i think
    Bahamut wrote: »
    I’m flagging people who aren’t okay with this. If you’re not okay with this than I’m not okay with you

    Why???? I did nothing wrong. He asked I gave my opinion

    Okay I’ll remove the flags. I just don’t understand why you think this is a bad thing
  • Jake Gavin Jr. is not a gender fluid hero. His name is Courier and he is a shape shifter. He does not recognize himself as a female. He only changed his appearance to female to track a villian. Gender fluid would be a hero that does not identify as either male or female, or switches the gender that they identify with. Shape shifters do not fit this definition.
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    Mostly political and that kind of stuff for me
    Really depends on why we are adding them, if its solely because they are genferfluic and want to have diversity for the sake of diversity then no. If its cause they can be a cool character with fun amd interesting gameplay.
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    I would have no issues at all with it.
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    Seem sort of like an off brand version of mystique
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    I thought it was an xman
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    It appeared in 3 issues of the gambit comics
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    I find it hard to believe that amongst all the many alien characters Marvel has, that some are not already this? Or even without gender at all?

    It all comes down to the bottom line. Something that pushes the button too much could hurt Disney's overall investment. But who knows, Valkyrie in the most recent Thor movie is a great example of changing times.
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    no, idk nor do i care who this is but there is so many better people that should be added first like fantastic 4, dr. doom, silver surfer, nick fury, stan lee, jack kirby, basically any well known characters
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