Suggestion for Kabam on Blade/Stark/Ghost nerf



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    Do you idiots even think before posting? We’re sick of nerfs. Instead of nerfing they just need to buff some champs. Now quit trying to ruin the game.
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    First of all we all know how good the synergy is when used together. Second we’ve seen Kabam nerf a number of champs because they were being over used and changed the balance of the game.

    Well we have another situation with these three.

    My suggestion to Kabam is to nerf the synergy between these 3 sooner rather than later. With the he blade crystal out and the 5* coming on the 22nd, the more people that combine this trio, the more upset they will get once you nerf. You really need to nerf asap

    I know a lot of people will hate me but the sooner the better. Just look at alliance wars to see how overused this trio is

    I usually don’t reply to these types of posts, but your argument is so faulty I had to.

    You bring up alliance wars to “see how overused this trio is.”

    Did you ever stop to think the reason this is so is because blade is the best counter to the overused mystic war meta of the game?

    So you want to take away the best tool against the overused defense strategy, leaving people to continue to overuse this strategy.


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    Please stop this blades synergy with stark and ghost rider only make mystic worthless still would get screwed by a bleed immune and the other two require skill to use
  • What I’m reading with this post is “nerf the blade synergy because my Magik and Mephisto aren’t getting as many kills in War anymore”

    Stop calling for nerfs. If anything, other champs need to be buffed for balance. There is so much unavoidable damage and content will be getting harder (act 6?), So lay off the nerfs!
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    Nerf nerf nerf nerf, everybody join in with me now..... Nerf, nerf...
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    There are heros that actually stop Blade just be smart and do your homework noobs or maybe get a blade and his 2 amigos and problems solved stop the crying it’s very comical! Anyhow if they nerf blade and most of all the big dogs have him trust me Kabam knows after the 12.0 **** , this would be a no no and there stock will go down in flames! Facts!

    The closest that any champ comes to stopping Blade is Cable -- degen on bleed hurts if you parry. Now that nodes are hidden, he is a possible counter for Blade. (Previously you had Sparky anyway, and Sparky destroys Cable. Now you'd have to kill your client, lose half health, and some attacker bonus points to do that.)

    I don't think there's much else, though.

    I have blade (4*) and GR (4*) and Sparky (5*). I'll try for blade, but I agree with OP -- the trinity is somewhat unbalanced (in particular, the increase of danger sense from the Sparky synergy combined with the ability to apply it to all mystic or all villains -- having a passive ability reduction from the start is just much better than other champs' ability reduction). At least now nodes are hidden -- that's an improvement, as you're not sure you'll get the danger sense bonus.
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    They should nerf the 70% cap on Blade's regen.
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    edited January 2018
    Relax, they’re not nerfing anyone. Mystic wars is officially dead, as intended. Great success. Diversity is here to stay now that diversity points directly affect season ranking. Defenders and their tags are hidden as they should be so you have to plan for nodes and not champs. Everyone crying about villains but what about when that hidden skill defender is BPCW and you brought gwenpool on attack and just lost attack bonus bc of her random stuns.

    If certain people want to go on the forums or talk to their huge YouTube following and complain because they still can’t see past a #villain tag (that is now hidden anyway) despite already having some of the best defenders in the game and not realizing it.. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️. Kabam doesn’t care about anything except data and the fact that they’re about to make so much money from people using potions and boosts to maximize attack bonus even when victory is guaranteed along with people 100%ing wars even when defeat is guaranteed because both situations will provide more points for season rank.

    Mystic wars lost them money bc people gave up when they knew they lost. Now alliances are going to keep going even when they know they lost. Kabam is smarter than random people on the forums. They just hit the jackpot. Record revenues coming. Think they’re gonna nerf a champ and piss everyone off when they just presented the perfect mix of rewards and competitive goals for us and revenue stream for themselves? Especially when those champs do basically nothing to cause them to lose money under the new AW system.

    They have no incentive to nerf him or anyone. They made their mountain of labyrinth money already and with every r5 getting a long timer now, they don’t care about blade’s regen saving people a few bucks there.. especially not with all the x-23’s out there doing it even cheaper. We all just saw proof that blade wasn’t even the fastest champ for 5.4 despite the same channel still hilariously calling for a blade nerf.

    So let the babies cry it out and get excited bc new AW is almost here

  • This post makes zero sense... everybody be on here whinging about champs not being strong enough... why the heck would you suggest nerfing the few who can actually make it through some of the harder challenges? nerf posts must exclusively be written by people without those champs... instead of crying you don’t have them; wait until you do...
    Nerfing is not a good idea just make weak champs strong enough that overcome these strong champs think positive
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    When you say everyone takes blade to aw thats untrue. Blade isnt released into the pool yet for 5*. Few people have pulled the 4 or 5* compared to older champs like sl or sw.

    Those three champs allow people do deal with content that skill alone cant get passed. Doesn't matter how good you are if you can die from magik's limbo or dormammu's degen without making a single mistake. Until kabam have more ways to get around content they cant in good conscious nerf this.

    E.g. rol wolverine - guilotine was they only viable option for such along while for most people. Now with dr oc and void you have more options to allow you to kill him.

    The trinity of champs you mention are still prone to evade and poison. It takes skill to go against a stacked abomination with a champ that makes him k on every parry and survive. If you have issues in aw perhaps try to change the defence line ups.
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    It's coming folks! One team to rule them all, shall be no more!
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    Kabam please nerf all the champs I don’t have because I’m salty. Thanks
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    Nerf shmurf. While you’re at it, can you increase the drop rate of five star blade in the nightstalker crystals? Im dumping money like **** and not getting anything worthwhile...
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    chaos3430 wrote: »
    No nerfing, Cage and Rulk are a step in the right direction to increase lesser used champs. Bring up, not down.

    I agree 100% rather than hating strong champs make all champs playable in more than arena
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    No nerfs!!! Buffs to others!!
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    All of this, of course, as SL tip toes along wasting away most content for many players STILL. Hilarious.
    "I beat the new challenge with my SL", "I overcame the crazy regen with my SL", "I walked through ROL with my SL"
    Nerf Blade!

    No just no. Nerf no one.

    Blade has weaknesses even with his synergy which only effects Villains and Dimensional beings both of which could be beat previous to his arrival. Blade is not as impressive against heal block, bleed immune nodes etc. He IS an answer to MD and Magik, Mephisto, and Dorm among others and people don't like it.

    Besides I need blade for that Modok jerk so leave him alone. :)
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