Scrambled screen [Under Investigation]

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Everytime I minimize the game to switch apps or check text messages the screen is scrambled and icons are out of place. I've only experienced this during fights, it doesn't go away until after the fight is over or an L3 animation is complete. Android 7.0
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  • megamangmegamang Posts: 114
    Forgot to mention this has never happened until the recent update.
  • Hey there!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you tell me what Android device you're on so we can share that as well with the rest of the team?
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    Galaxy s6.
  • Thank you!

    We're looking into the issue.
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    @megamang, I encountered this once yesterday too, I'm using Android 5.xx on Samsung Note 4, and in a similar but slightly diff situation like you mentioned. I didn't minimize, but I locked the screen when the arena fight starts (due to the motion suddenly get very slow, like ultra slow-motion), wait for 5 seconds, and turn the screen back on, unlock the screen, and when the fight screen appear again, I saw the same *SCRAMBLED SCREEN*.

    Luckily it didn't cause too much harm, but this is something new, like u pointed out as well, it wasn't like that until this v17.0 update.

    Thanks for posting this. I was too lazy to report this, considering there are more bugs I'm more concerning with. Wow!! What are wonderful v17.0, I'm sure v17.0 may have it's place right before v12.0!!!

    p/s: I do the lock screen thingy, to workaround characters suddenly become slo-mo problem, this happens few times a day, everytime the lock screen workaround can temporarily solve it, until the next slo-mo happens. If I don't do that, the fight will become unplayable, bcos in the slo-mo situation, my movements will hardly get registered correctly.
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    Paused and came back to the fight and everything on my screen was rearranged. Ruining my perfect run through of the Jodan challenge!!! Let alone dropped blocks/Champs not responding/heavies flying across the screen! Sick of it kabam!
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    Galaxy s8+
  • AfflictionAffliction Posts: 380 ★★
    Effing twice now already. dka20sx95d4q.png
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    Fyi, still happening, I'm losing arena and war fights because it's constantly happening. Getting very upset with this game.

  • megamangmegamang Posts: 114
  • I am using a Galaxy S7

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