Hela FASTEST LOL option ?

I was browsing through some videos on YouTube Legacy Art Play, I think) and discovered a few featuring Hela with the Cosmic Supremacy synergy.
This allows her furies to fall off slower, allowing her to stack more.
I am aware of the bug that was fixed a long time ago, the videos I saw were legit.
That was one of the fastest kills I saw.
The question I have is why is she considered a demigod tier champion and if she outdamages SL ,Sparky, Gwenpool, Medusa etc. ?
Doesn't she deserve more love or am I missing something big ?


  • TBJ1118TBJ1118 Posts: 228
    Not that easy to pull off effectively, and more importantly many champions in LOL (among which maestro) neutralize your buffs, rendering the fight a nightmare. She is a viable option if you keep a slot for someone to face those champions
  • Of course, she does have her weak matchups, thank you for pointing that out, but in raw damage output, she reigns supreme doesn't she ?
  • LoPrestiLoPresti Posts: 1,035 ★★★
    She's not ranked highly cause of her overall usefulness in the game, but in LOL she is the only one that can rival Star-Lord. She's absolutely up there in terms of LOL efficiency.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 7,247 ★★★★★
    She is But. Also. Why she dont get the love is. Becasse risky hervy to get the fury
  • BigPoppaCBONEBigPoppaCBONE Posts: 1,380 ★★★★
    People think she’s weaker because they start charging heavies immediately with no power built up while butt-up close to the opponent so they get rocked. That’s the stupid way to play her.
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,460 ★★★★
    I think the problem with her is losing your spirits while trying to bait specials. She can be a great damage champ but it’s hard to sustain in long fights
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