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Hoods L2 Broken [Not a Bug]

LukepillowhandsLukepillowhands Posts: 10
edited May 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
Hoods L2 will not reverse regen. The hex still shows but it does not reverse regen at all. If you have had the same thing happen please chime in or mods please pass on.
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    BlackenedBlackened Posts: 23
    Hood L2 has never done heal reversal, maybe you're thinking of Guillotine? Fate Seal only nullifies and blocks new buffs for the duration.
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    HyperionHyperion Posts: 57
    edited May 2017
    OP. You are thinking of Guillotine, and the her second special will only reverse regeneration if you fired it off with (I think) at least 2 souls still on Guillotine.
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    This is why it is important to reread your champs abilities before putting this in the forums
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