Selling 5* champs



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    They said it was due to accidental sales. I said it probably has to do with maintaining a rarity as well, for 6*s.
    Not to mention the number one claim for hacking is someone selling their Champs. They should disable selling Champs altogether. You are free to disagree. That's my view. God forbid people have to keep a Champ in their Roster they don't like.
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    ArmandStar wrote: »
    there are many things i can claim from hacking.
    the hacker used up all my units.
    the hacker started a quest and died on purpose to use up all my health and revive pots.
    the hacker used up my loyalty.
    i was saving daily/free crystals for SA and the hacker opened them.
    the hacker used all my sig stones on some bad champ


    so the hack logic affects any kind of resource or etc that can be spent, is not limited to champs.

    if your account ever gets hacked, you're screwed anyway. if you don't lose your champs, you'll lose something else

    It further supports my point. Of the number of hacking claims I've seen in the last 2 years, that is the biggest one.
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    For someone who maintains it’s ok for other people to have different opinions you don’t seem to like people having other opinions. “I like to sell my champions because I want to get even better ones”
    “No! You shouldn’t be allowed to sell champions, that’s not the point of the game it’s counter productive”
  • I'm sorry that you guys don't like the fact that you can no longer sell 5-Star Champions, but we are not going to reinstate this at this time.

    This thread has devolved into a lot of in fighting and arguing over nothing. Going to shut this down now.
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