My summoner name has not been changed in under 24 hours

Dear Kabam,
I recently sent a ticket to the support team to change my name. I gave all the details they asked for I sent a pic of my profile but my name was not changed in under 24 hours. I sent a ticket again and still in 2 hours it has not changed. My friend told me that his name was changed in under half an hour but mine has not. I had made some changes to my profile the next morning after sending the first ticket like I rank 5 a champion. I thought this was the reason but I again sent the ticket and still hasn’t changed.
Please do something about this
Thank You


  • I forgot to add this:
    In the first ticket that I sent, in the area where they asked for last purchase I wrote never
    And in the second ticket I added none as my friend told me
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    It took them 5 days to finally change mine. I changed it several months ago, and it was a 30 minute turnaround time. It just depends on the support team I guess. Good luck!
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    A friend of mine also changed his name recently and it only took him half an hour.
    I have the same problem. I only bought that USD 1 crystal but they insist I provide the date of the 2 last real money purchases. I think I am going to quit. Am I supposed to pay to change my name?
  • Hi all!

    If you've submitted the request and it was received, you'll have an email with a ticket number. Once you have this, please be patient as the team will get back to you as soon as possible.
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