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Hey All... this has been created for my Alliance to discuss and view our Top Heroes and Mastery's set up!

Comments by others are Always Welcome!!!
I revere the excellent advice I have been graced with by members in these Forums!!! So, by all means... comment away!!!

Please don't flag this as I/we are intent on following Forum rules at all times!


  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 188
    So the following are my 4 & 5* Heroes.

    I've marked which are duped and what level that Signature Ability is currently at!





    I've kept the bottom 5 low specifically for Versus Arenas! If any of them get duped or if significant changes or upgrades happen... I will let you know!

    And the following are my Mastery's pages and settings!! ALL ADVICE IS WELCOME!!!




    I'll post who I use in AW- Attack and Defense soon enough but any worthwhile suggestions will be treated with due respect!!

    Thanks Folks!

  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 188
    This is Wmart's post from yesterday:
    Wmart13 wrote: »

  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 188
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    Tried copying Tawli's post from a week ago!

    Didn't work

  • TawliTawli Posts: 66


  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 188
    So Tawli... your Medusa is new... will she be a priority? Dormammu?

    Which are your attackers and defenders?

    Which are duped?

    What do you think I should emphasize in my heroes and Mastery's?

    My AW Attackers have consistently been:

    4* ArcAngel ( w' GR Synergy )
    4* Ghost Rider (who has X23 synergy)
    4* Starkey (has Synergies w' Ironman & Miles)

    But my options are:
    Rogue (recently duped)
    X23 (recently duped)
    StarLord (recently duped)
    Nebula (whom I have always loved using)

    My AW Defenders have been:

    4* Nightcrawler
    5* Black Panther Civil War
    4* Dormammu
    5* Green Goblin
    And recently began using
    4* Cyclops (Blue) - duped

    I have used
    4* Voodoo (for Synergy w' Dormy)
    4* Starkey (for Synergy w' Goblin)
    4* Miles Morales ( for Syn w' Starkey)
    5* Rhino

    And I am considering using:
    4* IronMan (duped) [for syn w. Starkey]

    4* Magik (duped) and after I Rank her up to 4/40
    - she is next for me to Rank Up!!!

    And Nebula, StarLord, or eventually The Hood!

  • TawliTawli Posts: 66
    Attackers: sparky, gr, Hawkeye.
    Might change one of them with SL

    defenders: rouge, gambit, Hyperion 4* 50/50 unduped, ultron and magic.

    Your attackers seems fine, try to play with x23 and SL against WS in ROL. Test them there, SL is only good if you can hold a combo, Also you need to get cruelty 5/5 as crit damage and rating is fundamental for this game.

    For defenders, try to test them at different nodes and look at their kills, magic should be one of your defenders as soon as she is lvl 40
  • Wmart13Wmart13 Posts: 4
  • NekogamizNekogamiz Posts: 5
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    Here are my champs..definitely will take some suggestions on a optimized team for any mode..Thanks!! nf96samvcpb3.pngy2yqqdjd7hh5.png

  • NekogamizNekogamiz Posts: 5
    For AW I usually use: Yellow Jacket, Symbiote Spiderman, Ultron, Stark Spidey, and Hyperion...
    For Attackers, I use X-23, Elektra, and Thor
  • TawliTawli Posts: 66
    @Nekogamiz for defence u should use Abomination, Ultron, hyperion, magneto and Yellow Jacket

    Attack: x-23, Elektra and Stark Spidey
  • TawliTawli Posts: 66
    not sure about upgrading medusa and Dormammu yet, waiting for some t4cc to try to make SL rank 3 and Maybe magic and GR rank 5, not sure Which of them first. Trying to hold on to My t4bc
  • NekogamizNekogamiz Posts: 5
    @Tawli Awesome idea, I'll move them around.. I just got abomination duped (Last SA), so I will try that out too..and see how much fall from his poison.. :D
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    Why don't you guys just use LINE app to discuss your alliance stuff?
  • TawliTawli Posts: 66
    B)B)@The_One I guess we are trying to be hipsters B)B)B)B)
  • Wmart13Wmart13 Posts: 4
  • Wmart13Wmart13 Posts: 4
    I like my attacker’s just fine. I was thinking more about my defenders. Quakes good but she’s weak right now. And groot too. Should I pull some line changes?
  • beyonder8421beyonder8421 Posts: 881 ★★★
    From a war point of view this may not be the best idea. I think you can share all this info in Clan HQ.
  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 188
    Thanks Beyond. .. point taken! But I personally appreciate the insights I've received from forum members.

    Their intelligence isn't available elsewhere and I'm not that paranoid! Lol

    Should I be? What have you heard???
  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 188
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    The following is from

    Seatin's Top MCOC Best Heroes in Each Class on YouTube!

    If anyone knows a better guide. all means ... let us know!!!







  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 188
  • DaywalkerUKDaywalkerUK Posts: 117
    Don't wanna pee on your chips here but you do realise you're telling AW opponents who they are likely to be facing in a war against you? That does give them a distinct advantage.
  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 188
    Day Walker. ... how likely is it that an opponent is going to:
    1- be aware of this page
    2- care about the nuts and bolts of their opponents
    3- have or take time to search thru some obscure Forum page looking for data on 5 heroes amongst 150 placed to find out "oh no! QUAKE HAS GLASS CANNON MASTERY!!!"
    4- be so obsessed about Victory that they search the Web for "NCNs Alliance"
    HMMM... that's actually a good idea!!! Lol

    When I posted this topic in General Discussions... it was to help My Alliance!!! And give direct access to the benefits of the wisdom abundant on this forum!

    Thanks for pointing out the absolute worst (& impossibly unlikely) possible outcome for us posting here!

    The likely outcome is that my Alliance members have:
    1- changed their Mastery's to increase their hero ratings by 200-400 per hero (already happened)
    2- altered their AW Defenders and Attackers to increase the likelihood of Victory in War (already happened)
    3- better understood their own Alliance (already happened)

    I welcome friends and enemies to view this page and learn whatever they can!

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to do so... I appreciate it!
  • TawliTawli Posts: 66
    _ASDF_ wrote: »
    Have you not heard of Wordpress? Hope it’s against forum rules to exploit it as a blog...

    There is no reason to hate, just keep scrolling to next post if you don’t like it mate.

  • beyonder8421beyonder8421 Posts: 881 ★★★
    Yeah, there is always someone at every alliance that comes to the Kabam forums. And this post is very noticeable. Sure it's unlikely that it will happen, but not impossible.

    In any case, whatever works for you is ok.
  • Pike1991Pike1991 Posts: 4
  • Pike1991Pike1991 Posts: 4
  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 188
    Hey Pike!!! WOW!!! I can see why you get MVP status so often !!!!

    Which heroes are duped and what level?

    And who are your primary ( and secondary ) AW Defenders & Attackers?

    Did you see the Mastery Guide posted above?
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