What is the biggest issue with game play?

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What is the biggest issue with game play? 84 votes

Connection errors (when all other apps are working fine)
8% 7 votes
Chat & Messaging issues
2% 2 votes
Problems with controls not responding correctly (block, parry, dash, etc)
89% 75 votes


  • all of it for me, the chat takes a long time to register my submission. also the loading time is significant, i run a samsung galaxy tab a on android 7. the controls are a bit wonky, but i usually fix it by using the very edges of the screen and pausing from time to time. @Kabam Miike please help with this
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    I don't actually have any problems with any controls. Just have problems with connection errors.
  • ^hahaha 2 abuse flags? I did not verbally abuse any individual. Gtfo

    I got a flag for the poll itself! LOL
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    all of the above lol
    kushstar88 wrote: »
    whats wrong in this game?
    -updates causing MORE bugs
    -parry not working
    -dex not working
    -aw matchups do not consider at all total ally rating so its unfair 9.9 times/10
    -random connection issues
    -forward dash attacks mysteriously get intercepted by the AI super often now
    -and last but not least the lack of acknowledgement by kabam about these issues

    if they fixed the issues, people wouldn't spend as much units/money to clear content. it would hurt them lol
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    Everyf'kngthing in the game
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    Absolutely it's the controls not responding. I've had fights where I'm mashing the special attack button and my guy just stands there doing nothing. I've had fights where the champ won't block, and fights where the champ continues to hold block for a few seconds even when I'm not touching the screen at all. Fights where I press and hold to throw a heavy attack and the champ just stands there. Fights where I'm frantically swiping left and the champ won't dash back. All of this seems to happen more often when the enemy is very low on health and my champ has nearly full health, and as a result of the controls not working, the fight turns around and I get killed.
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    I do not spend on this game anymore,because this game is getting worse and worse.the other thing is that,this company is really shameless,with the “bugs”.why should i waste my money?i still waste too much time with this game,which is getting more and more frustrating,annoying and unfair.
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    The biggest issue is that,this company doesnt want to make us happy,the best example is this forum,there are no responses and communication here between the customers and kabam.
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    Fix the *expletive deleted* controls already.
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