Is a 4 star Ice Man worth using a 4 star generic awakening gem on?

PureRage13PureRage13 Posts: 164
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I just pulled my first Ice Man. I have a generic awakening gem (no mutant gem) and I kind of want to use it on him. However, I was saving that gem for Scarlet Witch or Archangel if I ever pull them. But, Ice Man is a really good champ and he would certainly help in fighting evade champs and for AW defense if I wish. Should I go ahead and awaken him or should I hold out for those that truly need it. I remember pulling Ghost Rider and people told me he didn't need to be awakened, which I agree with. However, I did use a generic gem and have no regrets as I find his fury judgement extremely useful to get good damage and extended healing and power lock. So, is Ice Man worth it even though he doesn't need to be awakened?

Any help appreciated.

Thank you

Is a 4 star Ice Man worth using a 4 star generic awakening gem on? 60 votes

Yes, do it!
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No, be patient.
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  • Ajjohnsbb8Ajjohnsbb8 Posts: 191
    Yes, do it!
    I did it on mine, it was one of thebest decision I've made in the game
  • MoloMolo Posts: 22
    Yes and max him out. He's one of the best in game
  • Joe_vj76Joe_vj76 Posts: 30
    I have done it and no regrets. Very useful to have immediate coldsnap for those pesky evaders.
  • LittleYinYinLittleYinYin Posts: 69
    Yes, do it!
    Never regret .. it help me gone through a lot content .. early cold snap for AW , shorten the time for L3 tank ..
  • juST4fUNjuST4fUN Posts: 172
    Yes, do it!
    i used my generic AG on him, he is worth it
  • VuskaVuska Posts: 172
    Yes, do it!
    I did to my peter stark... because i dont have iceman..
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  • RA_ARRA_AR Posts: 100
    Yes, do it!
    Do it, the cold snap is insane
  • PureRage13PureRage13 Posts: 164
    Thanks for the input everyone. I ended up awakening him. He's been very useful so far.
  • Batpotter1Batpotter1 Posts: 348
    Yes, do it!
    @PureRage13 That was a good choice😁
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