Is ROL out of Date in the Current State of the Game?

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From my perspective, between needing certain kinds of champions to overcome things like Wolvie, and the inclusion of 6 stars, event quest prizes et al, the prizes for the relative difficulty and subsequently the price of it seem very off in 2018. The prizes were made before the addition of glory for cats and alphas, as well as the more common nature of 4*'s in the game

Is ROL out of Date in the Current State of the Game? 43 votes

Yes, it needs to be easier to justify the rewards
Warofgods13514heruheru511sha2356__MarcFoucault98 4 votes
Yes, the rewards need to be buffed in the 2018 state of the game
HazerfaceSWGOH_MosDefThecrusher_9756DRTOJC_ 5 votes
No, But i wont do it
supergoku 1 vote
No, it seems fair
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    No, it seems fair
    I think it's safe to say most mid-level players have completed it, and pretty much all endgame. The rewards are pretty good anyways- 3 exclusive 4 stars, a decent stack of gold, and some t4b. It doesn't cost much to do either, as long as you have a strong team. Besides, buffing the rewards would be unfair to everyone who has already completed
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    No, it seems fair
    I like testing champs on ROL. Maybe a new harder version.

    Possible names:
    Realm of legendary legends,
    Venture of legends,
    Realm of legends 2.0,
    Legendary/Legend trials,
    Journey of legends,
    Crusade of legends,
    Legends dimension/ Dimension of legends.

    I thought if they ever did make a harder version they would go with legend in the title like Labryth of legends and realm of legends.
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    The rewards are junk now, clops was an important AQ champs back in the pro block days, nothing of value in that now so it’s not really worth doing unless your roster is good enough that it’s easy. You get a few arena plugs and basics, agree with the OP it’s pretty much a dated event considering we’re into 5 & 6* territory now. Even brand new players will have a 5* in 2 months from start.
  • Silas_Feanor143Silas_Feanor143 Posts: 19
    No, it seems fair
    I think that it's a great challenge for newer players. The rewards for us veterans are a faceroll, but that is because we have been around longer. Labyrinth is the new realm of legends for veterans to test their mettle. @EvilEmpire You bring up a good point when you say that newer players will get 5 stars quicker, but I think that new players will still have a challenge before them when they face Juggernaut, Wolverine and Scarlet Witch. That being said, Realm of Legends is easier now then it ever has been due to the amount of champions in the game.
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