Contest of Champions on Windows Tablet

I will soon get a Surface Pro Tablet and im curious if there are any posiblities to ply Contest of Champions on it. I read somethin about that you will get banned if you use BlueStacks. So is there any legal way?


  • Hey! Using Blue Stacks or any other third party software is completely against Kabam Terms of Service. There are a couple reasons for why this rule exists.

    Blue Stacks, or any other emulator, allows users to play a mobile game on a computer. This gives players the advantage of playing a game well outside its intended design. Anyone playing on a computer may have an advantage over anyone that is playing on mobile only. This can create problems when it comes to competition and fair play.

    Additionally, some emulators give players the ability to leverage automated scripts, self playing bots, and hacks, or cheats. This is at the core of the reason why third party software is violation of our Terms of Service. Any 3rd party software installed on your device that has the ability to possibly change the game files can be a reason for an in game ban. Regardless if you change the game files or only use the software to record, if the ability is there in the software, your account may be banned.
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