Dungeons too time consuming

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Dungeons is too time consuming. The concept is great. It takes too long. If it was shorter the ridiculous nodes would be tolerable. As it stands it is perceived as a money grab to refresh champs or just a time waster. I really liked the sound of it. I really hate how long it takes and the fact that it is an endless place to insert coins if you want to push your luck and try harder levels. It should be shorter and cost less. Every time a good idea comes to pass I feel the execution falls down.

Very disapppinted in this. The refresh cost is just too high and time spent is too much. This is a broken record. Someone other than an accountant needs to look at the game and measure it out in terms of what is fun. It’s a trend. Doing all the difficulties in quest was not fun. Doing rifts and getting mainly one star chests for that effort not fun. I really think you’re looking at lagging measurement of success.


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    3 runs at 30mins a piece over a 24hr period seems fine by me. Dungeons are not mandatory nor is any other content. If you want all the rewards but don’t want to do the content then this sounds like a personal problem not Kabam’s. I for one would like to see so much content added that it’s impossible to do all of it and people would need to decide want is worth going for based on possible rewards and individual needs. Just my thoughts though.
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    1 run of Dungeon 6 through map 5 gets you all milestones now.
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    1.) as a guy mentioned above, this is not mandatory. If you complain so much phones have a method called “delete app”.
    2.) Im not defending kabam at all but they’re doing things to make the game more fun. Dungeons is a great idea, I think better than war
    And quest.
    3.) it’s a game, what do you get out of complaining on rewards you can’t use in real life?
    4.) if dungeons takes you hours to do... then you’re doing the wrong dungeon lol. Play the content you are able to complete.

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    You just have to break it up and do a little at a time. If you do a Round or two before or after you do other things, it doesn't feel overwhelming. If you're trying to hit all Milestones in one sitting, it feels too much.
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    Read this post but nothing you wrote makes enough sense to reply intelligently.
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    The time is fine if milestones were over 3-7 days. The daily limit is problematic.
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    I would really like if we had a weekly milestone cluster as opposed to daily that allowed us to play a bit more on our schedules. Trying to do them every day is a bit much. Conversely some days I have more time to play and could easily get more points than I need. Just a bit more flexability would be nice 🤷‍♂️
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    batato wrote: »
    I like Dungeons a lot.....i hope it stays permanently.....its great to hook up wirh former alliance members and pkay alongside them in this great event

    I agree 100%

    My only wish is that we could earn more gold or units in the dungeon since I'm now in a position where I have to choose between dungeons and arena.

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    For me the more rooms I complete, the laggier it gets. The loading of fights takes ages. I don’t mind doing dungeons but when it laggy I get timed out, which is bad because I won’t have lag in the easy rooms, but will have a load in the hard rooms. If this wasn’t an issue I wouldn’t mind doing dungeons. But due to lag and slow loading it takes too long.
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    I will agree it can take a lot of of time... I just don't try to do all milestones. Just one maybe two runs a day. The novelty of it has worn off. It doesn't mean that others can't keep pushing and trying to do all milestones in one sitting. Since it's not a core alliance event, there's no one pushing to get it done.

    I hope more then anything though that dungeon runs count towards 3 day alliance completion since that is real time sink/energy waste
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    not worth it
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    i wish there was a solo option. that would be a great addition.
  • I enjoy them but my only issue is, I am a single mom of 3, I play during naps, bed time and days off..and it's fun but the time limit is hard especially for my partner, we were doing great then my 7 month old woke up crying and I had to put my phone down...i felt like let my team mate down and I understand..." just don't do the dungeons" but I can't always guarantee uninterrupted time to do them but I want to play them work hard and get rewards, I'm ok with how long it takes just wish I could take a minute break here or there if real life gets in the way...
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    Would be cool if they made milestones for every week instead of every day.
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    Greywarden wrote: »
    Would be cool if they made milestones for every week instead of every day.

    I really think this is the key, also perhaps higher gold earns for reaching insane room levels to also appease the hardcore
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    I know you can just not play it but the thing is everyone wants an AG. It is a grind though. even if the last milestone was reduced to 5k it would be a big relief. It is a good mode but takes too much time to complete. It is more grueling than doing an arena run in the same amount of time.
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    Dungeons is a great concept, but at the moment it's sill a concept as I feel it needs work.

    Came to the conclusion last night that it's a lot of time to put in, but there is no way i can put in the effort of 4 hours of dungeoning, resource farm, Arena, AQ and AW. And to top that off, timers on the champs to limit when i can do it.

    Just because it's meant to be linear for players of all levels to get the rewards at their level, it almost seems that you are encouraging that the better the roster you have, the more time you should spend on game. Shouldn't it be the opposite? have it so that people at lower levels can get the rewards of the more seasoned players, but the players with 3x 5 star r4s and above don't have to grind as hard. Doesn't that seem more like trying to give rewards to right levels? Make it too Grindy (Yes - i'm making up words now.. it's too early! hehe) and people either won't do it or leave.

    What is this dungeon series? the temple of doom? *Que Indiana Jones music*
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    Best thing i like about DUNGEONS is ...

    I finally have a reason to use more than just my very Best Champs! Hello ole timer friends r3 4*s
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