Can't log in again [Merged Threads]

th3motivatorrrth3motivatorrr Posts: 19
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Device used iPhone 7 both Tmobile data and AT&t WIFI
Time let night and today 2x
lastnight in dungeons and tonight in dungeons and arena

issue is, these are timed within a 24hr time period. You can't get all milestones in, you lose a whole day. Not only do you lose a day of milestones but also high ranked champs. My base hero rating is 550k prestige around 5100 or so. I have the champs but people I play with including myself will die from degeneration from bane, AI won't give up special, Hyperion always going to sp3, electro or not having a poison immune for abom. Electro shouldn't be in dungeons, the refresh timers should not exist, the servers should be able to stay on, we should be compensated. Maybe since electro is in the dungeon our health should go back to 100% after we complete a room. maybe, we should have life transfer. The solutions are endless same as the problems caused by kabam. This company can't even man up and say the connection error is on their end. The error message states "problems connecting to network, please check your network." There is nothing wrong with my network. Kabam, at least you can man up and say it's your network issue. Come on man up, man up bros.

When the network issue is active, when we are in AQ how about throw a 90% discount on potions? Don't expect me to believe it is my lose because I chose to log in and move in war/aq at the moment when "your servers **** out"

Refresh our champs, increase the speed at which we can hit 7500 points in dungeons, take electro out of dungeons. stop making things appear as its a money grab. You are looking desperate. Hard to do business with desperate people.

I told you guys before you launched the dungeons the idea was ****. Do you not see yet everything I tell you is only to try and help you. You need to listen when I talk to you. Look at the mess you created. When you are truly ready to improve the game you have my information.

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  • PiccoroPOEPiccoroPOE Posts: 12
    Ever since the emergency update i have not been able to log in i have no problems whatsoever with my other game app i leave unnamed this issue is very taxing on me i need my daily log in i need my dungoen infinity dust i need my event cleared i need my game to work please admin HELP!!!!!
  • PiccoroPOEPiccoroPOE Posts: 12
    I accidentally posted my comment directly under the pics
  • kconrad37kconrad37 Posts: 160 ★★
    I have tried deleting and reinstalling, restarting my devices, and neither my iPad nor Samsung Galaxy S8 Active can load up my main account (kconrad37 if that wasn't obvious). Both are running the most recent OS they can, and both worked earlier today.

    I can, however, log into an account that is no longer being used.

    I have a limited time to get on and run infinity dungeons and now I can't even play the game. Please look into this ASAP.
  • Hi kconrad37!

    If you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the account that you are able to successfully log into Marvel Contest Of Champions with?
  • TrapavkoTrapavko Posts: 36
    Same here
  • IAMSHAZAM215IAMSHAZAM215 Posts: 46
    I cnt log in either an so cnt a whole lot of other ppl but no explaination smh
  • TrapavkoTrapavko Posts: 36
    After uninstall and reinstall I log in auto via Trapavko77. Then I sign out and try logging in via kabam login linked to TrapavkoNovi and I get failure.
  • XangoXango Posts: 2
    I have had this issue for 3 hours. Uninstalling allowed me into my old account but when i signed in to my Kabaam account i got network issues again.
  • TrapavkoTrapavko Posts: 36
    Sounds same problem I have.
  • snape15snape15 Posts: 13
    edited May 2018
    @KabamAhab same issue. if i reinstall game i can log straight in. after 10 to 15mins it starts saying check internet connection error. reinstall and works again for little bit and then same error.

    Android Galaxy S8 and S6.
    both via wifi and mobile connection.
  • Guesswork133Guesswork133 Posts: 3
    Same problem on my end. What gives? I’m not going to be able to do the dungeons today. Uncool Kabati.
  • Having issues logging in for the last 4 hrs. Says network error.
    My network is fine though.
  • M_HeibaM_Heiba Posts: 6
    M_Heiba can't log in for over 4 hours as well. network error but my network is fine, tried both cellular and wifi, tried other devices, tried uninstalling. no luck! middle of arena and with the start of season 2 AW
  • M_HeibaM_Heiba Posts: 6
    M_Heiba can't log in for over 4 hours as well. network error but my network is fine, tried both cellular and wifi, tried other devices, tried uninstalling. no luck! middle of arena and with the start of season 2 AW
  • Mangas50Mangas50 Posts: 73
    I’m having the same problem. Can’t log in on my iPhone X, iPhone 6 or my iPad. Over 2 hrs now
  • Freddy0598Freddy0598 Posts: 3
    edited May 2018
    I'm having the same issue on my smurf account called Cütë won't let me log in, this is unacceptable what about my arena,events can you fix this please kabam ? Meanwhile when I log into my main Freddy4343 it let's me in fine @KabamAhab

    I use an S9
  • Mangas50Mangas50 Posts: 73
    For over 2 hrs meanwhile my internet is working fine. d3iqt0cxg3k5.png
  • Aditya17Aditya17 Posts: 5
    This is absolutely not a connection problem!! I need to play my dungeon and quest!!
  • JincXJincX Posts: 12
    Still can’t log in after 3 hours. I’m not able to complete my dungeon milestones today because of this. I have iPhone X.
  • TahititedTahitited Posts: 1
    Same issue here on my main account
  • adRos45adRos45 Posts: 2
    cant log in... same screen... you r the problem kabam.
  • OzzieontOzzieont Posts: 237
    i hope they give us the dungeon rewards i lost everything cause the disconnection most of my good champions waisted
  • snape15snape15 Posts: 13
    if i reinstall game, works for 10 to 15mins then saying network issue. reinstall again and works for another 10 to 15mins.

    on both wifi and mobile data
    galaxy s8 and s6
  • Freddy0598Freddy0598 Posts: 3
    For me it doesn't even when I reinstall the game won't let me in and has been for the pass 4 hours
  • Mangas50Mangas50 Posts: 73
    I think I’m going to miss my daily rewards didn’t have a chance to log in...
  • Dzon4488Dzon4488 Posts: 21
    Same thing with my account and members of my Alliance are reporting the same thing.
  • BáihûBáihû Posts: 6
    Cmon guys still can’t log in.... I was grinding for Corvus and now i’m not gonna be able to get him if you guys don’t fix this problem
  • TaimurKhanTaimurKhan Posts: 119
    edited May 2018
    For last three hours, i couldn't log in. Connection error. I am using iphone 7 plus. Everything else is working fine. So, it's not a connection issue.

    I am gonna miss on arenas.

  • DaddioDaddio Posts: 6
    Same problem. Of course, no response or feedback....WHY???
  • TrapavkoTrapavko Posts: 36
    Because devs are sleeping and overworked. Mods cant help you here... Go to bed and try again tomorrow or after the weekend... I may do just that now.
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