Unknown item

Anyone oe08pxb3rzrv.png
Know what items are in the right hand side? When I clicked them they were just my regular awakening gems. Restarted the game and now they're gone @Kabam Wolf @Ad0ra_


  • TheManMythLegendTheManMythLegend Posts: 3,971 ★★★★★
    this happend to me once! go out of inventory and when you go back it should be normal.
  • GwendolineGwendoline Posts: 945 ★★★
    Visual glitch, that's all. I always think they look cool.
  • ThawnimThawnim Posts: 1,461 ★★★★
    It looks like the colors just got mixed up. I've had that happen before too.
  • GwendolineGwendoline Posts: 945 ★★★
    No, it are his awakening gems, not his potions. It happends with the sig stones too. They keep their collors but look like potions instaid of gems.
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,191 ★★★★★
    3* tech awakening gem and 2* mutant awakening gem. The images get mixed up, this is easily reproduced by scrolling up and down in your inventory.
  • RydertheblackRydertheblack Posts: 294
    Those are the pokeballs I was missing in Pokemon Go... like a year ago =(
  • GunzoGunzo Posts: 719 ★★
    Fusion of a signature stone and healing potion

    I call it a Signature health potion, heals a champ and increase their signature level at the same time
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