Karnak randomly parrying you when mid combo since update

Just faced Karnak in war, fought him loads over the years. Basically I was attacking him and 3rd or 4th hit he parries. It acted in a way like Medusa's auto block function. I can't see the other players champs for synergy info so I don't know why this is happening. It happened 3 times overall and same thing. I was hitting him, no pauses and I got parried.

Can this issue be looked into as it's only since the recent update and I've been playing for 3 years.



  • Ketchup1791Ketchup1791 Posts: 114
    I had this happen to me with a HulkBuster in AW a few hours ago. M L L parried.
  • Turkey_Tone83Turkey_Tone83 Posts: 68
    Yeah it was 3rd or 4th hit but it was random :(
  • Turkey_Tone83Turkey_Tone83 Posts: 68
    I've asked about and someone else has had the same issue fighting Karnak in war. So there is a type of issue. Also if being hit then some are also able to parry the AI. So it seems an issue for both attack and defence.
  • Turkey_Tone83Turkey_Tone83 Posts: 68
    Asked around and another alliance has same issue, across all 3 BG's. Getting parried mid combo. So it's now not just a champ issue but a game wide issue also. If needed I can find more information regarding this. Thanks
  • Beholder_VBeholder_V Posts: 190
    It’s the recovery timing after being struck. They tweaked it and it seems it’s possible sometimes to recover faster than strikes can be delivered. I’ve seen several times where I parried the enemy in the middle of their combo, both while being struck by the combo and while just blocking a combo. I have also seen the AI squeeze in a block in the middle of a combo I’m landing on them, almost like they have autoblock. Annoying in quests, but detrimental in AW where the defenders have parry.
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    I have noticed combos being interrupted by a block in all game modes. Hit 3 or 4 of a standard combo ends up being blocked.. chaining into a special can also be blocked randomly.

    iPad, latest versions of all software.
  • Turkey_Tone83Turkey_Tone83 Posts: 68
    Asked yet another alliance and at least 4 people have reported back with same issue. So it looks like it is a global issue. This is going to have a massive impact on people committing to war, the alliance and game in general. It needs addressing ASAP
  • Hey everyone, I'm sorry to hear you have encountered this issue! When reporting any possible bugs, please try to provide the information we have asked for in THIS thread.

    Our QA Team are constantly reviewing any issues reported here in the Forum as well as bug reports which are submitted directly to our Support Team. All the information you provide will be used to help them identify if a game mechanic isn't working as intended, and if that is the case, your input will be vital in helping to determine a possible cause and resolution.

    Thank you all very much in advance for your assistance, and as always, if you have any videos of the reported issues, please feel free to share those with us!
  • Turkey_Tone83Turkey_Tone83 Posts: 68
    @Kabam Porthos info as requested :)

    Device: Google Pixel XL
    Device OS: Android 8.1.0
    Mobile: Vodafone
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version: 18.0.1
    Game Mode: Alliance War
    Boosts: None
    Champs used: R4 5* Gwenpool, R5 4* Vision, R5 4* Hyperion.
    Description of issue. In war, I faced Karnak. Whenever I attacked and attempted a combo it would randomly after 3rd or 4th hit show that Karnak had parried me. This happened three times in one fight which KO'd me. I then went in with both Vision and Hyperion and the same thing happened. Mid combo, 3rd or 4th hit he would parry me. I have no idea what the synergies the defence had but the player was as below.


    I have asked numerous players from different alliances and players from all over the world, different tier war alliances ranging from 2-6 and people in all alliances have had similar issues. But also against different champs and different paths. It also works visa versa if attacked some players have stated you can parry the AI even if being hit from 3rd hit onwards.

    I have no footage as I'm dead in war and reluctant to use items or units, which will probably result in expulsion from the alliance. This has only happened since the recent update as I have fought Karnak numerous times with no issues and this is the first war we have done since the update. Another alliance member is also dead and they are like me they have done paths in LOL and a lot of hard content in the past with no issues. Please can this be raised with the teams to test as I can see more people raising the same issues. Thanks.
  • Beholder_VBeholder_V Posts: 190
    Device: iPhone 7 Plus
    Device OS: 11.3.1
    Mobile: Sprint
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version: 18.0.1
    Game Mode: All
    Boosts: None

    Happens with all champs in all game modes, in both directions (as in you can do it to the AI and it can do it to you). It's simply being able to magically squeeze in a block when there shouldn't be enough recovery time to do that, such as in the middle of a combo. As I stated before, it's not a huge deal in most areas of the game because you just get blocked. Not a huge deal unless you try to finish the combo and they can counter before you can recover. But in AW, most everyone has parry. Meaning in the middle of you performing a combo on them, there's a chance for them to parry you, which as you might imagine, will almost certainly spell your doom.

    This is a problem we had in the past, with block being brought up randomly in the middle of a combo, but it never triggered parry. The problem has been gone for some time now prior to this latest update, somehow it has been reintroduced and has the added "feature" of triggering parry.
  • MaybeThisIsNotMeMaybeThisIsNotMe Posts: 127
    I have had this happening to me once in dungeon. Got blocked mid combo. Only happened once so I kinda ignored it. At least in dungeon it doesn't trigger parry.
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