Good job Kabam!

I always criticize Kabam as a gamer, a Marvel fan and as a lover of MCOC.. We all love this game very much and that is why we all have gathered here in this forum to express ourselves and thoughts. This message is for the monthly quest. Last month it was a daylight robbery. The targets were almost unreachable for many players. Kabam was criticized so negatively everywhere. Some gamers left the game unfortunately. Yet, Kabam listened. They always adapt but fluctuate into both sides. It is natural as nothing or no one is perfect. However, I must say, credit must be given where it is due. This month's quest is a pretty solid design. Good fights and most importantly, medium energy cost because we have so much to do with energy. The uncollected final boss is an encyclopedia, a massive hitter, but he is doable. I believe this is a 50/50 (a fair go) situation for both player and company. Good job Kabam boys. Now fix up these small bugs and bring this game into its perfection. Also, I must say this.. your accountants and marketing department need to work on fair offers so your cash-flow statement can have green figures all the time. Trust me on that because I study accounting.

Good luck Kabam and fellow gamers!


  • ShevvelShevvel Posts: 132
    Definitely not. I explored last month uncollected difficulty quest.. without much use potions.. but this time had to spend a lot.. I find this is not good.
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