Which champ to use against a Nightclawler

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A duped Nightclawler is easier to fight against for his mode-changing stuff becoming faster, but an unduped one is harder. So which champ should i use against his BAMF (evade), i only know duped Iceman can stop those evades.
Are there any other champs abilities that can help?


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    There's a trick u can look up on youtube where you dash back and do a light attack if he's holding block and he will keep holding block and switch his own stance. It may be a little difficult to mater but then becomes really easy. Makes him easy to fight with anyone.
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    Quake (by charging heavy) and Crossbones (with overrun) are my main champs for fighting NC.
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    be patient and let him come to you, its easy to pick up when he is about to heavy or special which leaves him open. just hit a couple of times and back off.
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    I'll say any bleed immune champ will also be good to counter his deep wounds. Nearly halfs NC damage output. Then it's all parry-hit-repeat. That's what I do.
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    Or just use a duped iceman
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    NC is super easy. All you have to do is wait until he dashes back and holds block. Once you see the timer, throw one light attack in the air and wait. He will hold block and switch modes every single time. NC went from being a pain to a super easy dub (tho he's pretty annoying on stun immune).
  • Duped blackwidow works even with the class disadvantage
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    As others have mentioned, you don't need a specific champ to counter him, anyone can do it. Wait for him to dash back, and whiff a light attack. This causes him to hold block for a couple seconds, enough to switch stances. This ai behavior is consistent in all situations, it's great. I use it to give me time to heal with blade, or to enter overrun with crossbones. Basically it's like a "timeout" in the middle of the fight.
  • Nickname207Nickname207 Posts: 241
    Thanks everyone, i tested it out and find it works like a charm
  • Hey everyone!

    Firstly, we'd like to say thank you ever so much for sharing your opinions on how to take down those pesky Nightcrawlers!

    To add just a small amount of extra information here, many players find success as mentioned in getting him to change into Swashbuckling mode.

    From Personal experience, I've found that slowing down your combos really helps as well. With many Champions, it's easy enough to wail on them with a 1x Medium 4x Light attack Combo if they don't have abilities such as Evade.

    With that being said, slowing down gives you better control over your reaction time in case Nightcrawler decides it's time to teleport out of one of your attacks. All too many times I've caught myself spamming lights and been destroyed because he managed to get out of it.

    There's an excellent amount of helpful information here, so thank you all again for sharing!
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    If you can't switch him , I find Ultron useful, bleed immune, regeneration & class bonus
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