Corvus glaive vs Hyperion vs medusa

Which to r4 and why?


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    They each have strong points. Hyperion is a good overall character, Medusa is a good defender, and Corvus gets aesthetic points!
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    I like Medusa best. Don’t like having to launch a few heavy attacks to gain fury to make Hype really good. Really sucks when you don’t gain but a couple fury after two heavy attacks.
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    Hmmm I’m leaning towards corvus or medusa
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    I don't know about Corvus.

    Are they all awakened?

    All things equal, Medusa is much more useful than Hype and it's not even close. Hype is great, but Medusa is simply better. Unlike Hype, Medusa shines at every part of the game, especially LOL. She's also the superior AWD. In AWA, she'll destroy robots who are usually placed as AWD (Nebula, Ultrons, Yondu, Sentinel). In AQ, she destroys Sentinels.

    I actually can't think of a scenario where Hype is better than Medusa other than fights where you have unlimited parries. But these scenarios are dwindling especially with AW being the prominent game mode at the moment.
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    Hmm yea all 3 are duped , have proxima dupped at 4/55 already , thinking of one of the following 3 to be next haha , proxima has been a beast in LOL and slaying aw bosses
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    if you already have proxima then it would make sense to get corvus for synergy
    Proxima Midnight: Ultimate Mission’s Combo Meter requirement goes down to 75 hits.
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    AegonT wrote: »
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    AegonT wrote: »
    Hype is the best all around for utility. Medusa has better prestige and is a better defender (presuming she’s awakened). I don’t think Corvus is really in it.

    If you haven’t beaten act 5 yet you might be happy to have Medusa for the final Ultron fight. She’s basically cheat code against robots.

    I would argue against that, he requires the use of heavy attacks to get best damage, and therefore in most cases relies on parry and stunning. He doesn't really have utility; he just has raw damage output + power gain. Medusa, on the other hand, has utility, because the guaranteed armor breaks counter certain nodes/champs really well, and armor shattered is an all around counter to robots. Auto block is another utility. Damage maybe isn't as high as hyperion but it is still insane, and more bursty than hyperion. In terms of r4 for me it is between hyperion and medusa, hyperion for damage and medusa for damage, defense, prestige, and utility.

    You’re over looking the massive utility of hype’s power gain. It allows you to fight passively and still do damage. Can’t parry? The easiest way to intercept in the game is with a special. You can wreck a ton of hard content just patiently spamming l1, never blocking, never risking anything but a simple l1 intercept. There’s a ton of ways to play hype that don’t involve throwing his heavy. Against a full immune aw mini boss that evades. Just fight carefully and you’ll have an unevadable l3 in ready to go momentarily. Against a stun immune spidey mini boss? He’ll barely evade when you intercept with a l1, dear Peter Parker will die in a fire more quickly than you’d think.

    It’s fun to build a bunch of furies and do crazy damage. But its just not true that hype is only useful when you’re parry/heavying. He’s got one of the most flexible playing styles in the game, presenting a number of different approaches depending on what he’s facing.

    Good point about using his PG to intercept. I still value Medusa over Hype, but Hype is still a top tier champ.
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    A highly duped corvus is great in short and long fights. Does insane dmg. Hype is a monster along with medusa. All 3 are great and have their own advantages depending on your play style. I have r4 hype and will r4 corvus. All personal preference really
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    more Discussions pls lol
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    rwhack wrote: »

    AQ rewards aren’t worth ranking up champions for prestige, though I am curious to see if Glaive’s Immunity makes Corvus Glaive a good option for bleed/poison nodes in AW
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    Tough tough tough choices
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    I cannot make a post, as I am in jail.

    What about:

    Sentinel (Unduped)
    Morningstar Duped
    Hyp (Unduped)

    Who to R4?
  • XxicylovexXXxicylovexX Posts: 91
    I prefer morning star :) and hyp
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    Hype for utility (power gain, regen, incinerate to bypass safeguard nodes, etc)

    Medusa for defense and if you just like doing damage without putting in any effort

    Corvus Glaive for quick questing

    Medusa and Hype are about the same in terms of damage. Idk about Corvus.
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    Same boat. Deciding between hype and Medusa
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    Same boat. Deciding between hype and Medusa

    Definitely medusa
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    I had all 3 at 4*/4/40 unduped.

    I had a cosmic awakeing gem. Used it on hyp and took him to 5/50. I don't regret it.

    Medusa is also really good, but for me she's always tied up in AW desense so I don't get tonise her as often. I think she's a better overall defender so i wanted tonkeep her there and thats why I took hyp up.

    Corvus is also really good. I use him on short and long fights, it doesn't matter he's good. He has really high damage output while he has glaive charges whether it be the start of the fight or after they refresh.

    I don't think you can go wrong any way you go. Take up the one you need most for where you are in the game and what you want them for. Also the one you enjoy using the most.
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