Group of 10+ looking to join/form an alliance. All with at least 2 4/55 champs.

Looking for options, may not join asap.


  • AfridAfrid Posts: 529 ★★
    What are you looking for? AQ map? War tier?..
  • usmasusmas Posts: 6
    We can handle 5x5 easily. AW tier 3-4, depending on how busy life gets.
  • AfridAfrid Posts: 529 ★★
    Do you have line?
  • AfridAfrid Posts: 529 ★★
    If you do add me
  • usmasusmas Posts: 6
    We are still looking. Please post a message if you are interested.
  • McocleeMcoclee Posts: 24
    We have some openings
  • Puk_SopranoPuk_Soprano Posts: 225
    Contact me, line ID puk_soprano
    We have approx 10 spots available
  • RagnarAXERagnarAXE Posts: 103
    I just created an alliance need officers was looking for more war focused players. Line ragnaraxe22
  • Puk_SopranoPuk_Soprano Posts: 225
    Contact me, line ID puk_soprano
    We have approx 10 spots available
  • Andlow94Andlow94 Posts: 79
    I am planning on starting a brand new alliance soon, focus on AW only.. only map 3 AQ.. I have 460k rating and 5900 prestige, I'm trying to get a group of strong players to join my alliance once I create it, to quickly dominate AW.. goal is to move up to platinum. NO donations, NO event minimums, AW is only mandatory event. Message me in game or on line if interested.

    Ign: Andlow94
    Line: andlow1
  • Usmas, we may be a fit for you. AQ 5x5, gold 1 AW.

    Chat me up on LINE. ID is wintersocool
  • Malkup465Malkup465 Posts: 18
    If you are still looking please find me on line malkup465
  • Line robinson5233 we have space for you all. Chilled friendly alliance, rebuilding after retirements
  • SpudMan_GSpudMan_G Posts: 14
    If you're still looking then we have open places in our alliance. If you have line hit us up at either spudman_g or deepuj7
  • GrimXYZGrimXYZ Posts: 22
    Are you still looking? LINE ID: GrimXYZ
  • isnerbabyisnerbaby Posts: 34
    if interested add me on line my id is isnerbaby i have a 12m alliance we run 5x5 gold 2 no event minimums
  • We are looking for 10 players, fairly serious alliance with a dash of life taken into account. We run AQ map 3/4 and are silver 2 ranked aw. DPE 11 find me in game or on line app mandingo8282.
  • Andlow94Andlow94 Posts: 79
    usmas, do you have line? I have 1 other guy right now, trying to start an AW focused alliance together, map 3 AQ... heavy AW focus! If interested, please add me on line: andlow1
  • JuddDreddJuddDredd Posts: 16
    Needing 10+ people in our alliance, anyone here interested?
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