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Should we get a rank down ticket for AA change



  • VêNDëTTåVêNDëTTå Posts: 58
    Great comments love seeing others point of views .
  • Ajjohnsbb8Ajjohnsbb8 Posts: 191
    I just want one lol
  • Hollywood_Hollywood_ Posts: 70
    edited June 2018
    Better to rank up low tiers champions cus in future there can be probability to buffed them rather than nerfed #AANerfed :(
  • thetaman23thetaman23 Posts: 43
    It's a simple philosophy. Kabam has the right to do whatever they feel with a champ. Customers have the right to get mad and stop playing or paying. A lie is a lie regardless of whether you clarify 15 months later or a week later because it decieves people into false assurances and decisions. Kabam should respect the relationship between company and customers, and give players the choice to rank down Archangel. That's how a company ensures their bottomline.
  • Hollywood_Hollywood_ Posts: 70
    @Kabam Miike already mentioned there is not any kinda rank down tickets in future,
  • Enigma50Enigma50 Posts: 55
    edited June 2018
    The issue here should be the way kabam dealt with the situation. The way we see it, Kabam has just changed their mind about a specific character, really there's no other explanation. You cannot come and say this character is working properly and then a year later just come and say "oh no, it was a bug I'm gonna change that."

    I mean how can we be sure you won't come back in few months time and claim that stark spidey's crit is too high and that it's a bug, or that Blade's danger sense is all of a sudden not working as intended?
    You've just released a character that is BS, Ironman, whom we are meant to fight using only heavy attacks. I've seen no one commenting on that. Are you preserving the right to call it a bug later?

    And just to comment on AA, he is still top 5 for me.
  • nopenope Posts: 134
    Hollywood_ wrote: »
    @Kabam Miike already mentioned there is not any kinda rank down tickets in future,

    1- they said the same thing throughout 2017 before passing them out to everyone around xmas time
    2- he, and several other mods, have explained in detail the situations in which rdt's were warranted and this AA situation matches those descriptions completely. Those posts are still here on the forums and screenshots of them (along with pm's about rdt sent to various users) are floating around the internet.

    In the end, I'd say this is a more unique situation tho. In my previous post I showed the full cost of ranking 5* champions and asked that people let us know if and what kind of awakening gem they used on archangel as well as how many sig stones. Archangel is a champ that needs a very high signature. That fact and those items really complicate the situation even more because of the great cost to the user. That's a lot of rare and extremely valuable items dumped into a champion who was advertised as working as intended before his properly working ability was recategorized as a bug.
  • MhykkeMhykke Posts: 431 ★★★
    Of course they should issue AA specific rank down tickets, that shouldn't even be a question.

    Whether it was a bug that was fixed, or was working as intended and Kabam decided to nerf the character doesn't matter. Some argue that the character is still great, or this isn't a huge part of the character. Those are subjective statements and are irrelevant. The fact is some people relied on the information communicated by Kabam in order to make decisions on how to proceed with their in game resources, and that information has been changed and an error admitted.

    Let me repeat that again: There is 1 issue here, the company communicated to the player base how a champ functioned. People relied on that information and took action in the form of putting resources into that champion. The company later decided, for whatever reason (again, bug or nerf, doesn't matter) to alter that champion in contradiction to their previous statement of how that champion functions.

    Rank down tickets (again make them character specific) are clearly in order. And note, this wouldn't even make the people who relied on this information whole, they still used awakening gems and sig stones that they wouldn't get back. But it's the least Kabam could do to correct an error they made.

    This happens all the time, from large corporations to local mom and pop stores on your corner. If any of those companies communicate bad information to the consumer, they almost always make some effort to correct their errors. Kabam doing nothing here is astounding. To take a stance of "it was our error, nothing will be done, deal with it" is a textbook example of absolutely the worst customer service a producer of goods/services can provide.

  • CX233CX233 Posts: 4
    DrZola wrote: »
    @Bahamut keep hitting that straw man.

    Dr. Zola

    we can read your name lol
  • LosspikLosspik Posts: 253 ★★
    So I voted yes, I personally have a 5/65 AA which I ranked up specifically for lol. This change will be detrimental to his effectiveness in lol where stuns are limited. Regardless of that it sets a dangerous precedant eg: I also happen to have a R4 5* drax his double hit negating mordos Astral evade is a well documented interaction which was part of the reason I ranked him up. How long will it be until the fix this "bug" and screw me over a 2nd time. Im sorry but we should get Champion specific RDTS id be happy with only 5* rdts for AA as the change only effects end game nodes/gameplay
  • AlCapone2727AlCapone2727 Posts: 428 ★★
    I agree. Though I wouldn't rank my 4/55 down
  • VêNDëTTåVêNDëTTå Posts: 58
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