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Leave MD and Dexterity alone!

Do not endeavour to create more bugs where there is no problem. Instead, go focus on nerfing Mr. Unagi so he aligns better with the rest of the champions in the game and does not completely cancel out Maggie, Doorkie and Megaphisto.


  • There is so much about this post that I love, but so much about it that I hate.
  • Outsider75Outsider75 Posts: 61

    People are divided on whether Dexterity needs to get nerfed or not.
    Personally I thought this wasn't an issue for average skilled players and above anymore?

    Feels more like now dexterity is gonna be messed around with only because of its interaction with Void and his ability to use it against node 24.
    I mean, back in the day about 95% of the community was on board with some sort of change to dexterity. But now you guys decide to take a look at it, almost a year after everyone with decent accounts got used to it already?
    We feel like this is a move directly related to the $$ income you get from item purchases.

    . MD
    Some of the toughest content used to put lots of B.S. buffs on the defenders. Mystic champs have been great counter to all this kind of paths. I am pretty certain that 100% of the people with 4/5 or 5/5 MD are super happy with their investment as Mystic champs are the best counter to these paths.
    So I am not sure WHY WOULD THERE BE A NEED TO MAKE CHANGES TO MD when there is 5 other class masteries that need rehauling ASAP.

    At any rate, please keep reporting your bugs guys. We really need to rally together to figure out exactly where this whole thing is headed.
  • Troyster316Troyster316 Posts: 51
    Willpower all over again, how did that go after exorbitant expenditures of time and money?
  • LilMaddogHTLilMaddogHT Posts: 674 ★★★
    Dexterity should still trigger MD. Been like that since it existed and shouldn't change. Total nerf to those that invested in it. Should beef up the other class masteries instead of making MD weak.
  • YotzYotz Posts: 117
    Dexterity needs to be a passive buff. There, fixed. Move on to pure skill.
  • DEYSDEYS Posts: 59
    Try fixing pure skill!
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