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Last call. Recruiting campaign will end soon and either you were lucky enough to read or you aren’t.

The posts on here are rediculous when it comes to how fast you go from being the latest post to being on page 3 or 4 where no one will ever see what you have wrote. This is the last call and we only need a few more heavy hitters who are looking for a permanent home. We are not a map 5-6. Tier 1, Platinum 1 Alliance and never will be and do not want to be. We are not a hardcore alliance and do not want to be. If that is what you need, it is completely understandable. But what 9 out of 10 people do not realize is that you do not need to be in a hardcore alliance to be able to advance and make progress. The funniest part is how bad people in hardcore alliances need Tier 1 Alpha Catalysts and Tier 4 Basic Catalysts. All those tier 4 class catalysts aren’t really helping you when you don’t have any tier 1 Alphas or Tier 4 Basics, are they?

If you’re sick of grinding map 5 everyday, and need Tier 1 Alphas or Tier 4 Basics, this is the place for you. If you love War, and you’re a boss killer or a War Boss or minibosses on defense, you might be able to help here. We need people who have top defenders and attackers. We only run one group in War because we only have about 15 people we can depend on. We are trying to get 20-25 dependable War heroes so we can do 2 group wars. We clear 2 groups in AQ map 3 and 4. Yeah, it’s not map 5 or 6, but you’re also not required to be on call every minute of the day and we don’t require donations. We do require LINE so that you can actually communicate. Game chat is worthless. We give anyone a chance who wants to try to be a member here, but if you can’t hold your own and are not a contributing factor to our success, you will not last here.

What we are really looking for are people who are in or have been in hardcore alliances but do not have time anymore (aka: You have a job! and don’t be live in your mom’s basement or attic) or want to be able to kill stuff without stress of not letting down 29 other people because you couldn’t clear your lane in map 6. We know the game. We have the leadership in place already. All you have to do is show up and kill stuff. Doesn’t get any simpler than that. Never had to recruit here and have been around for a couple years. We are at the stage though where we are about to hit the goals that we want as our “end game”. Our end game plan and goals are to be Tier 3-5 in War. Top tier in AQ. Be able to clear map 4-5 whenever we want and to never require donations or mandatory participation. We don’t want freeloaders and we want full participation in AQ, but even if we only had 20 out of 30 able to help each day, we understand real life.

We have been successful in our hunt so far and just need those last few people to end our recruiting search. If you are educated and so forth, most of our people are actually pretty “cool” and have real lives. It’s fine if you’re a dork or whatever. But we don’t want complete and total tools here. If this article was too long for you, we don’t want you here. If all you can understand or your intelligence level only understands or comprehend posts like: “Fa sho bro. 8 mil alli, T5 War, Gold 3 season, 3x5” then maybe you could have been a court stenographer in a past life. If you are from a time when we actually had to learn how to read and write and add and subtract, before you’re phone did everything for you, then you might just fit in here. I’m not descriminating against the youngsters, but our future isn’t looking too bright. Rant over. Us old timers just don’t get it, I guess. And just in case you didn’t know, this game is based on comic book characters from things called comic books, that you read. I mean I know how hard it is to be able to concentrate on something for 5-10 minutes these days for people, but if you are from a time back before they fed everyone’s kids pills, you’ll understand. It’s not a laughing matter, it’s really sad. It’s just really depressing that the current generation understands shorthand and abbreviations so well. Guess us old timers just need to expire and get out of here with the compete sentences and stuff. Now that I’ve wasted the last few minutes of your life, it’s time for me to waste even more! I can make it up to you though if you’re lucky enough to join us. Thanks for your time and good luck in your endeavors.

Previous posts: (we got a mafia theme going on here)

The footnote is old at the bottom of the post. We will be Tier 5 in War and with the right additions to our alliance we will reach top tier for AQ rewards just from map 3 and 4 alone. We will also be able to hit S.A. every week. All you can eat Tier 1 Alphas and Tier 4 Basics here. Tier 4 class catalyst fragment crystals also to help a little bit. If you’re at the point where you don’t open AQ map 4-6 crystals anymore because you are full on Tier 4 class catalysts, you should seriously consider us as your best option if you want to continue to make progress. We win ~80% of Wars. Our average player rating is around 250K, and anynalliance we face in War who has average rating of 250K or less does not stand a chance against us. We only lose to alliances with average ratings of 300-400K or higher. We’re not all super bosskillers or anything, but our boss killers are hardcore and can take down AW bosses with 1-2 links still up. If that sounds like you, then join us. Thanks again. Fixit Crime Syndicate. We are worldwide. We have players from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Yeah fool! That’s right! I said Africa! The Mobb is takin over the globe! I think the only place we are missing for compete world domination is South America. The Artic and Antarctic don't count. Add fixitmobb on LINE for invite to our chat channel and see if you have what it takes to survive here. Ignore the War season stats and other numbers, they mean nothing. They are old. We are better than what you see from the outside. The links above tell the story. You’re wasting your time joining anyone else. Space is limited but we will always try to make room for the right people. You better hope you don’t face us in War, because you’ll wish that you were on our side after we’re done with you.


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