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Who should I rank up mystic champions ?

reeaanreeaan Posts: 234
edited June 2017 in Strategy and Tips
Getting confused to rank up mystic champions when you have too many option.
About to finish act 4 100%, do suicide mastery,
note: gonna have The Hood & Dormammu 4* as well in arena & also saving 5* shard, planing to open in Christmas.
1. Dr. Voodoo is new champions, won in arena (synergy bonus ROUGE)
2. Scarlet Witch (like her chaos magic, Nullify, Synergy bonus The Vision, Phonix.)
3. Dr. Strange (synergy bonus SW, x-23)
4. Magik (like her Power Control, synergy bonus STORM)
5. Ghost Rider (bit tricky but good regen Synergy bonus x-23)
6. Mordo ( AW defender)
7. Iron Fist ( like his armor break Synergy bonus Dr. Strange, Black Panther(OG)
8. Guggernut (AW defender)

Who should I rank up mystic champions ? 80 votes

Dr. Voodoo (dup sig 20) 4* r4/40
LagmelongtimeNo_More_Heroessuperunknown012SnakeEyes69BigMoShrimkinsJamezBongGunzoDJSmitty21Haji_SaabTimone147Shynight00TheLazyKingICRUSHYOUDEADxtremegamercUbA_LiBrEcymuller25TortoigFel_95Darcilis 34 votes
Scarlet Witch (dup sig 60) 4* r4/40
Spidey076Alfa_PigeonAEG93TheManMythLegendGingerJunoSpiritWeb_Slinger_77KromestoneChiefrockerLalalandDarkArrow07Dbogert129tufan_1974almualim23BahamutkillllaxdicekayAssumedNameLogangronckiIts_pro456talktalk 19 votes
Dr. Strange (dup sig 10) 4* r4/40
Magik (not awaken) 5* r2/35
MEŦAPħҰSNoob_2yrsMEKA5HamedSODonaldJTrump69Spity68SmokinSurfermesssidthepro1337reeaanJFerg114GAM3RGUYAvatarDashCwbeatssSamuel030sTheRealmKeeper 16 votes
Ghost Rider (not awaken) 4* r4/40
thetaman23SpiritOfVengeanceChampioncritic 3 votes
Mordo (not awaken) 4* r4/40
adqqedfyvr 1 vote
Iron Fist (not awaken) 5* r2/35
Iron Fist (dup sig 40) 4* r4/40
FilmScorpion 1 vote
Magik (dup 20) 4*/40
MikeHockSlySlyRayFerrier911XillymanRealPastor 5 votes
Juggernaut (not awaken)
jshanso2 1 vote


  • Magik (not awaken) 5* r2/35
    5* magik
  • thetaman23thetaman23 Posts: 43
    Ghost Rider (not awaken) 4* r4/40
    I think you should go Ghost Rider(survivability/power drain and power lock). I would say Magik 5*( if she were duped) or Dr.Voodoo( suicide mastery really negates alot of his usefulness i e. Regen and his recoil). The magik 4* duped is also a good option
  • GunzoGunzo Posts: 719 ★★
    Dr. Voodoo (dup sig 20) 4* r4/40
    Just my opinion, he's a beast if duped
  • RealPastorRealPastor Posts: 82
    Magik (dup 20) 4*/40
    Magik good in offence and defence. But it is really hard... Dupped Witch is still very good. Voodoo I think one of the best for quest, AW...
  • reeaanreeaan Posts: 234
    Magik (not awaken) 5* r2/35
    This is my current mystery setup.

    For a long fight Dr. Voodoo is not very useful on this mastery becouse of recoil, he is a beast but have to use special attack if u want to take full advantage of him.

    SW is Excellent, addtional 60% attack, lots of cric hits, dont have to use sp.

    Magik is the best on this mastery, she can active LIMBO by using her special which does not cost any health.

    But still confusing
  • I suggest you play with them at r4. Especially magik. Play with her a lot
  • JamezBongJamezBong Posts: 89
    Dr. Voodoo (dup sig 20) 4* r4/40
    Cool roster
  • CwbeatssCwbeatss Posts: 15
    Magik (not awaken) 5* r2/35
    5* magik for sure
  • Scarlet Witch (dup sig 60) 4* r4/40
    SW for sure
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