Lags and stopping mid combo

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Hey all

Wanted to see whobis experiencing this issue. Last night and this morning as I was in war and arena, my champs just randomly stop mid combo and I take a combo as a result of it. Same goes for I’m in mid combo and out of no where my champ goes for a heavy. Anyone else experiencing this issue? It’s cool if it happens on EQ or arena or even story, but during war is unacceptable. We have 3 wars left to play and some alliances are at the tip of their brackets for placement. I don’t have picture of video proof cuz it happens randomly. Every other fight, 3-4 per fight, 2-3 fights without happening.

iPhone 8
iOS 11.4
Brand new device no issues
Latest mcoc update


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    Funny I was just coming here to see if anyone else had the same problem.

    AW - Blade vs Magik Mini Node 52
    OnePlus 5
    Android 8.1
    Latest version from playstore.
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    Hey guys, I’m really sorry to hear you have encountered these issues, and I understand it can be frustrating when the game doesn't perform in the way you expect! We're always working to make improvements to the game's performance and input such as yours is vital in helping us with this process.

    To help us keep everyone's comments about lag and performance issues more organized, we have created two dedicated threads and a bug reporting template. If you're playing the game on an Android device, please contribute to THIS discussion. If you're an iOS user, please use THIS thread.

    The bug reporting template can be found on page 1 of each discussion. Please try to provide as much of the requested information as possible so our Teams can investigate any possible issues and potentially identify or develop a solution.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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