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Master Bracket vs Platinum 3 Bracket POST Kabam action



  • 7slayerMDK7slayerMDK Posts: 18
    Jskeete54 wrote: »
    My gold 1 alliance rank 30 just lost to a platinum 3 rank 108 alliance that was punished for cheating and was dropped down from high platinum 2. We know this because we asked them and they told us they were dropped down and they were close to hitting platinum 1. How is that fair @Kabam Miike ? The lower tiered alliances are being punished as well. Not to mention it completely ruined our chances at making platinum 3. Punished alliances should lose season points not war rating and maybe receive a 1 week war ban. Lowering the war rating affects the alliances matching at that lower war ratings.

    We just lost as well to a platinum alliance and we are gold 1.
  • L3pa_DL3pa_D Posts: 60
    I don’t get why Kabam just give these cheaters a slap on the wrist and let these pple back in the pool of aw it’s just gonna rinse and repeat..more man hours of individuals having to take time to report, them investigating etc they need to perma ban individual accounts from taking part in aw full stop. Mean while our alliance in last aw that just finished as well as other alliances I see in forums are being matched with these same cheaters .. how many times do these alliances get reported..? These cheaters seem to be scrambling writhe with cheating now to get their points back up.. mean while legit alliances losing out.
  • CreditzCreditz Posts: 52
    This is especially unfair for the Alliances who are making push to scrape a last minute finish in the next tier above
  • CreditzCreditz Posts: 52
    The alliances who were caught cheating should have been banned for the rest of the season period
  • lerkdajerklerkdajerk Posts: 33
    Simple solution is just suspend them from matchmaking instead of docking AW rating. 1st violation 3 matches, 2nd 6 matches, 3rd DQ. Not being able to match up for a week will really hurt and let others gain ground.
  • Hulk_77Hulk_77 Posts: 782 ★★★
    If you cheat, you should become ineligible for AW until the season ends. Not just the alliance but all of its members as well (so they can't scramble into another alliance and still get rewards).

    Firm punishments will have actual results instead of these nothing punishments that have not stopped this issue.
  • Jskeete54Jskeete54 Posts: 46
    @Bajjsbwuqjw sorry but the first punishment was the fairer punishment. Losing season points and not war rating makes it so you are clearly punished but still have to fight the alliances similar in skill. You aren’t considering how losing war rating affects the lower alliances the punished higher tier alliances so easily roll over.
  • PincheChingonPincheChingon Posts: 99
    My vote is that once cheating has been discovered, to Reduce season points AND a temporary ban on X amount of future wars. Example lose season points, and alliance cannot match up in the next 3-4 wars. Therefore said cheating alliance won’t have opportunity to earn points toward season rewards as well as losing season points. But keep their war rating.
  • SuvenduSuvendu Posts: 177
    Apart from alliance punishments Cheaters should get resources deducted from their account... 5000 5* shards deducted from their acc or more or something else too.. even if a cheater dont have resourses in account shards count will go minus count.
    then only ppl will stop cheating.. otherwise these will keep going and going...
  • Jimmy_Utah83Jimmy_Utah83 Posts: 246
    First offense: War is disabled for 1 (3 wars) week, drop season points by X amount to end up in bronze but war rating remains the same for matchup purposes

    Second: War is disabled for 2 weeks (6 wars), season points dropped to 0 but war rating remains the same for matchup purposes.

    Third: Alliance is locked out of AW for the remainder of current season, no season rewards and can’t rank higher than gold 1 for following season.

    Don’t know how above would work w/ Kabam keeping tabs on cheating ally or each time they are caught reset season points but war rating remains the same. Dropping a couple hundred points is nothing more than a slab on the wrist
  • Jskeete54Jskeete54 Posts: 46
    edited June 2018
    Once again my gold 1 alliance is facing a punished alliance that is now platinum 2. Why must the honest alliances at lower tiers get punished as well? This has to stop.
    I like this solution thus far:

    no AW rating change.
    Season points deducted.
    Disabled match making for 2-3 wars.

    Seems like a better solutions than most.
  • Jskeete54Jskeete54 Posts: 46
    No AW rating change.
    Season points deducted.
    Disable match making for 3 wars on 1st offense.
    Disable match making for 6 wars on 2nd offense.
    Disable match making permanently for the remainder of the season on the 3 offense.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 17,623 Guardian
    GOT_BOOST wrote: »
    I like this solution thus far:

    no AW rating change.
    Season points deducted.
    Disabled match making for 2-3 wars.

    Seems like a better solutions than most.

    For that to work, I believe you would need to add two additional features. First, the match making penalty must be in-season. The penalty would not affect wars outside of season. This prevents the penalty from only affecting wars that have no impact on season points, which would happen if you were caught cheating on the last war of a season.

    Second, something I think should be applied to any penalty suggestion: if an alliance is caught cheating and a penalty is applied, if more than fifty percent of the members of that alliance move to another alliance or form another alliance while the penalty is in effect the penalty is applied to that other alliance also.
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