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Maybe I'm missing something here but isn't it super easy to calculate prestige? Go to leaderboard, check your score for strongest team (make sure you have used your top 5 in a quest at least once), and divide by 5. Isn't that way easier than using a calculator?
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    That’s not your prestige. Prestige does NOT include mastery’s and other boosts to your PI.
    In order to do it the way you are referring to. You need to remove your mastery build. You are far better off going to a 3rd party program that does the math for you.
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    I believe the leaderboard for strongest team includes synergies.
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    @Cryptic_Cobra @TheSpicyKnight I know that pi is inflated by masteries, boosts, etc. But the leaderboard specifically states that it ignores these things :). @Jim0172 does bring up a good point tho and I'm am unsure whether synergies might affect the strongest team score
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    I just checked mine, and dividing the number by 5 gave me a number that is about 180 pts higher than my calculated Prestige. I think it is taking synergies into account.
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    The only way that works is if you have zero masteries, no boosts active and no synergies active on your team.
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    Top team definitely already doesn't include mastery or boosts and can be used for prestige until your top 5 have syn as that counts. TBH I don't understand why kabam can't make it easily accessible to us. They are already using and generating that data and it dictates rewards you can obtain in aq and even used it for certain things like dungeons. For those that want to keep their prestige a secret kabam could just add that in the information box up top like where gold is. Just replace the useless infinity dust section with it and done. It makes no sense that I have to use 3rd party apps to find out something so critical to the game. And a lot of those apps are wrong by a couple points.
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