AW Season 3. AQ New Season. Kabam Please Listen

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Whats up! Long time no talk Kabam.

Season 2 of AW ended last night and a lot of people were so relieved. A long and hard fought season finally came to an end. I am not here to discuss AW season rewards, but I would rather focus on the state of the game and how fragile AW seasons has made it. There are a lot of videos out there right now talking about this same thing and I think you guys should pay attention.
People are burned out. The length of season 2 was just too long, tied with the staleness of AQ it just KILLED peoples desire to play.

Since the conclusion of season 2, i have lost 5 members in less than 24 hours all because they have lost interest in this game that they once loved. The game is more time demanding than ever now, story mode is stale for end game players and so is AQ.
Kabam, slow down and fix the things your community has been asking you to fix and update. You guys have made AW soooo stressful that some folks don't even think its worth it anymore.
AQ desperately needs a rework, it is so long overdue.

Lastly, why did you guys remove diversity? This is going to cause an uproar in the MCOC community, i hope you guys know that and are prepared to give out rank down tickets. I am in no way advocating for a boycott or anything of that nature. I am just trying to let you know that you guys may have started a mutiny in the community with these AW changes, and lack of changes else where.You guys implemented diversity as a way to mix things up and now you take it away?? I hate to say this, but it seems like just another effort to milk us and get us to rank up every champion we have. Seems kind of shady Kabam. I think RDT should happen this time...


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    A lot of champs were ranked up for the purpose of defender diversity but now with that ending people should get some rank diwn tickets totally changes the dynamics of AW
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    Bad change catering to a particular alliance again
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    Rank down now.
    Before the season starts, please.
  • According to that statement, "every champ was changed", which is not true since there was no changes made to them.
    Just like when defender diversity was introduced, there isn't a group of champions affected. Therefore is impossible to determine which rank down tickets to give
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    A lot of champs were ranked up for the purpose of defender diversity but now with that ending people should get some rank diwn tickets totally changes the dynamics of AW

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    They might bring diversity back in the future
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    Good ole bait and switch, 4 years and you haven’t learned your lesson yet! Silly summoner!
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    These guys can never make up their mind. Diversity was introduced so we would all need to rank up unique champions, and try to go and get the newest champion released. Now you remove diversity which is great, but what about all the wasted resources we used on champs that suck? I agree, everyone should be given a limited amount of rank down tickets to "reset" their roster to prepare for wars without diversity
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    There better be rank downs!!! This is an outrage!! Forced us to rank horrible champs. The whales don’t like it so you change it again!!! We want the now Kabam!! You guys are always screwing over for profit and game extension.
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    Diversity definitely was determinant for choosing which champions I ranked up. I think is totally fair giving us rank down tickets.
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    Tier 3 and up going for platinum(accept gold 1)

    Line id:christoskiller

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    Think this’ll be the 4th of July surprise. Except you don’t get rank down tickets (sure, there may have been some nerfs, some unpunished cheating, some changes to MD that killed your strong defenders, and adjustments in AW that killed everyone else you ever ranked up for defensive purposes) but you get to BUY them.

    One Odin for a quarter of a rank down ticket. Nicely visualized to resemble a real ticket. Better yet, you can buy them for an Odin, but RNG decides which class that quarter is for. Once you collect all four quarters for a particular class, in about 30 Odin’s time, you ALSO receive the rare title of ‘Ticketmaster’. You’ll be the man (m/f) forever.
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    Rank downs 100%. All resources not just cats. Lets start it up fellas
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    Don't you worry, once everyone has all gotten their 4/5/6* Medusas, Limbos and IMIWs and that is all war is full of, then diversity will make it's glorious re-entrance so save us all from the mess that was created for us.
  • In 3 years I've never agreed or asked for RDTs throughout all the stuff we've endured - in fact I've shilled for kabam agreeing that RDTs aren't necessary throughout it all.

    These changes to diversity 100/ warrant an RDT in every summoners inbox.
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    Ranked several champions that I never would have taken to max ranks due to diversity!!! Spent stones for higher sig levels on weak champs, gold, cats, and also lost out on ranking actual GOOD champions so that I could have a diverse defensive team. Rank-down tickets are a MUST!!! This is crazy.
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