Goldpool Arena: Disappointing Rewards

-I know that kabam isn't going to change anything but anyway I want to let them know what I think.

I'm very disappointed with the rewards of this arena, you promised us 'BIG' rewards and all what we get is 45 units, around 400k gold and some Battlechips? C'mon kabam, not even in the rank rewards, 200 6* shards? Don't wanna say anything about the champ because we all know that he's only for the Big grinders and the cutoff is going to be insane. People have spent thousands of units just to get a golden ticket and now we have realized that this rewards are trash. I was expecting something like the special 2* arena TBH.


  • SpicyslicerSpicyslicer Posts: 776 ★★
    I did not participate. One look and I though pfft... and they got you moneys
  • ThatweirdguyThatweirdguy Posts: 630 ★★★
    With all the whales spending the amounts of $$$ they spend, Kabam won’t listen or care at all.

    This is sadly seems to be the case
  • MahvelMahvel Posts: 61
    I spent every single unit i got this month on goldpool crystals because of these promised awesome rewards. I didn't get one of course. But man... if they had told us what they were I would not have done it.
  • The biggest bull **** arena built on kabams promises of something special - it’s garbage - actually it’s worse - WTF kabam - I love the game but you lot who design and manage the game are nothing but thieves
  • lusoninjalusoninja Posts: 6
    Kabam you trully are a disgrace, shame on you.
  • NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620
    I need my units back
  • Khonshu2018Khonshu2018 Posts: 10
    I share everyone's frustration. Does anybody know where it states weather there is more than one Goldpool Arena that will take place? I can't seem to find any information and with the limited number of participants, I like to know if this is the only shot at it. Thanks in advance!
  • RikuremaRikurema Posts: 131
    Duped GDP from fool's gold, so I'm just going for the milestones haha
  • PaytoPlayPaytoPlay Posts: 763 ★★★
    The rare title at 250k still worth it IMO and that's all I am doing. Abit disappointed for sure.
  • xXRxX771xXRxX771 Posts: 3
    Man I was so excited about this arena. They said it would be “great” rewards and I gotta say that this is beyond disappointing. I spent a lot of units to get a ticket and now I honestly feel betrayed.
  • RJ03RJ03 Posts: 67

    lol... this rewards are for real? lol, dont say such things if you wont do it... its normal rewards...
  • Jemster519Jemster519 Posts: 160
    edited June 2018
    Since when has any game content not been available to play if it is earned. The top 200 in Areana. That is not fair at all. The ticket should have been available with any rank rewards. I spent lots credits on the Deadpool crystals also and only to fall short. Don't even have a chance to play the areana.
  • SIlverProfessorSIlverProfessor Posts: 227
    It feels like a never ending shill game with kabam. I too spent a lot of units on the fools gold crystals hoping to get goldpool or a ticket. I got a ticket. I also placed in the top 200 and received DP. I was so excited for the arena rewards that were HYPED up...only to be let down again. I think they could have done a great thing with the arena. I mean could you imagine being a lower level player that got a ticket from the crystal and were able to access great milestones and rank rewards. It could have been like Christmas. Instead it’s a giant turd.

    I know I’m leaving my alliance for the rest of summer and just play here and there. I’ll see in September if I come back or just remain a casual player.
  • ApacheApache Posts: 558
    i have a ticket and not even going to bother with this arena. its the norm with this game now
  • JustapilgrimJustapilgrim Posts: 78
    Rank rewards are a joke. No better than the Featured 5* arena. They made it sound like we would be getting more 6* shards than that with their original post. No wonder they were so vague and didn't post the rewards in advance. Glad I got my ticket within 200 units worth of crystals. Anyone who grinded out a ticket after buying the deadpool offer should be angry about these rewards.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 2,524 ★★★★★
    At this point, is anyone really surprised? The disconnect between player community and game team is fixable, but it requires an honest effort from Kabam.

    Dr. Zola
  • SIlverProfessorSIlverProfessor Posts: 227
    Tbh...I was hoping for more 6* shards in the rewards. I almost have enough for my 2nd 6*. I just did enough for the gold member title and won’t do anymore.

    Just a let down.
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,421 ★★★★
    Good job for successfully convinced me to STOP spending on this game
    For that I thank you very much :)
  • Mana_PotMana_Pot Posts: 235
    Got the title. Done.

    Seriously, premium crystal for milestones? Couldn't even make it a gmc for your "big" rewards? Not like a bunch of 3*s is gonna break the game. Buncha con artists.
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