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Chapter 4 Is Insane,Impossible and i am lvl55



  • Furious_Fighter1Furious_Fighter1 Posts: 855 ★★★★
    You can't be here for 4 years since the game doesn't exist for that long yet ...
    I was reading your post and thinking that you were having troubles on act 5 chapter 4, but you actually only are on act 4 ...

    Level is irrelevant. You don't seem to play daily, and not that many time per day. You need skill to beat the content, and good champions ranked up (which isn't your case as far as I can see).
    You don't seem to have acknowledgment of the game too. Perhaps its better for you just to watch some videos on youtube, and discover who are the best champions and how to play effectively with them

    As you said Level is irrelevant I have an objection. Level also have a great impact on our game as It helps to unlock great masteries but still this guy is ****.
  • Jac094Jac094 Posts: 198
    edited June 2018
    4 years player still lvl55 and not finished act4 yet? Seems the problem is not kabam here.
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,677 ★★★★★
    Act 4 is easier than EQ, the only problem is the path length.
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Lol I beat chapter 4 at level 42 with wolverine x23. Get parry and Dexterity
  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 684 ★★★
    No offense, but i thought this was an actual joke
  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 684 ★★★
    Parry is the answer to everything and stark spidey
  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 684 ★★★
    your 180k bro, i was much lower rating when i beat act 4
  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 684 ★★★
    If you can't beat act chapter 3 of act 4 with that roster, than act 5 would be like super impossible mode for you because all of the champs are 10k+ pi
  • I do agree to a point I'm stuck at a point where nothing in front of me is easy or even am i able to complete the following chapters/levels. The only real way to advance for me is to wait for rewards which is not really interactive or fun. Being continually slaughtered in act5 or in RTL or on the end paths of the new event. For the people that don't have 600k accounts it is frustrating being stuck and unable to advance
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,347 ★★★★
    edited June 2018
    @Uberstrark I'm now impressed that you actually made it to act 4 chapter 3 without using parry. But now here's how i would modify your mastery setup. buy all the stony mastery cores you need to unlock precision, cruelty, parry and maybe stupefy and pacify(the last 2 are optional). put 5 points each into precision and cruelty. you do not need 5 points in lesser precision and lesser cruelty as they are practically negligible. 3 points in parry, 3 points in stupefy if you want additional stun duration, 3 points into pacify if you want a higher chance as preventing abilities like agent venom's tenacity. you only need one point in vitality as it wont make as much difference compared to greater vitality. 1 point in salve and 3 points in recovery if you want to have greatly increased regen
  • SnakepSnakep Posts: 362 ★★★
    Uberstrark wrote: »
    I am very unlucky with skill selection and choosing
    The parry mode is 5 STONE cores away from me,
    Those cores cost 135 credits EACH

    You made it to lvl 55 without parry? That’s impressive. Stop buying crystals and don’t use units for anything else until you have parry and dexterity. Then learn how to use them and try again, the game will get much easier.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    Act 4 is easy dude
    Uberstrark wrote: »
    Why the **** are people accusing me of a LOL post?
    maybe you are all legendary and have enough money to buy credits and stuff
    but others dont!

    Dont you have sympathy for the other players stuck in quests they cannot finish?
    Not everyone is a perfect summoner. and the Screenshot does NOT lie.!

    I’ve spent 15$ on the game tops. And I have sympathy but if you’re honestly struggling this much I really can’t help.
  • Kaks0053Kaks0053 Posts: 83
    Here is my account of q3ehiv0iux4b.jpg
    11 months progression. Used units just to buy energy refills and potion. Even my masteries aren't unlocked.

  • Kaks0053Kaks0053 Posts: 83
    By masteries it refers to expensive ones such as Assassination, Double-edge. I've unlocked parry , Dexterity, Cruelty and precision
  • RivalDudeRivalDude Posts: 2
    what?! you are lvl 55 and cant complete chp 4, just think about chp 5 then.
  • Player909Player909 Posts: 50
    I agree with where you are at Act 4 will be tough but it's not a Kabam issue (For once), it's you. You have to get stronger. I stopped trying to explore Act 4 because I was getting slaughter. I stepped back, built my team, and then went back to it. It was easy with minimum revives/health. You have good advice here so follow it. Also map out your path. Look up who to bring for certain buffs. Dont rush it. As much as I hate Kabam and their practices, I cant say its them. Even if it was, they wouldn't lower the difficulty. You want just have to spend extra to get through it.
  • EevoEevo Posts: 32
    This has to be the biggest troll post I’ve ever seen. 4 years lmfaooo. Bruhhhh... maybe join an alliance and run some AQ and Aw and you know they have event quests right? Like a new one every month
  • EevoEevo Posts: 32
    Eevo wrote: »
    This has to be the biggest troll post I’ve ever seen. 4 years lmfaooo. Bruhhhh... maybe join an alliance and run some AQ and Aw and you know they have event quests right? Like a new one every month

    If you’re not trolling and being 100% serious..(well 99% as the game hasn’t even been up for 4 years) feel free to add me on line ee21717. I can offer much more in-depth help talking one on one than I can in a forum post. I recently helped my little brother get 100% in act 4 with his champs by showing him some mechanics that are important, helping with masteries and what champs to upgrade for certain missions.
  • orballorball Posts: 52
    Act 4.2 takes units a little and you should be aggressive like analyzer and a little luck
  • orballorball Posts: 52
    @LoPresti it is not tough
    I don't even have blade and I did toughest parts
  • RasiloverRasilover Posts: 1,453 ★★★★
    Best Post i’ve ever seen on the forums
  • Camby01Camby01 Posts: 572 ★★
    If you're wasting units on health/revive pots, why not try saving those for cores? Arena and get units from milestones, are a crystal for more units, it's not rocket science, as for the guy that said ch4 is impossible without blade, come on, blade wasn't even a character when everyone in my ally did it.
  • ChimpyboyChimpyboy Posts: 124
    first, you should watch Seatin's tips for beginners

    I agree with everyone here - your mastery setup needs major work. Don't bother spending units on crystals - save all your units to unlock masteries until you have a good setup. Drop any of the class-specific masteries, esp if you don't have parry or dexterity.

    Act 4 is a grind, but with a solid team of 4/40s and/or 5/50s it's totally doable without too much hassle.

    I cleared most of chapters 1-2 with a 4/40 Drax, then most of chapter 3/4 with a 5/50 X23.

    You need more utility in your roster. Some champs with sustainability to get you through the starburst and chaos magic quests. Howard is not a great option as a content clearer.

    IMO: you need to have a team of 5 with at least the following on it: a poison immune, a bleed immune, (or a dbl immune), at least 1 regen champ (x23, wolvie, voodoo, etc), and it would also help to have some kind of champ who can nullify - like a SW, Magik, or Voodoo, etc.

    Get in the arena, keep grinding out PHC shards and popping them - dupe your 2*s over and over, get those 3* shards, dupe them. Build your roster up more, and start popping those 4* crystals.

    Can you 100% Heroic each month? What about Master? If you can do Heroic, you should push for initial clear of Master. If you can't 100% Heroic, then Act 4 is probably beyond your skill.

    But with parry and dexterity unlocked, you should start to see progress quickly.

  • It's your mastery set up.. plus titles don't lie if you been playing 4 years now
  • Season summeron lol
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★

    You haven't been playing 4 years either, still a couple of years or less is more than enough to time to reach reach level 60+ and beat act 4 and more.

    Like I said my wifi only alt is progressing farther than you and my set up is terrible because I'm not spending much money on it or grinding.

    You're set up is to defensive, I would reset it and find one that works for you. Then finish leveling up and than spend some units to get more cores to unlock the better ones.

    On my main I have an odd one that works for me, but not sure I would recommend it and it's not quite where I want it at and adjust it as I go along.
  • SagnikfurySagnikfury Posts: 104
    Believe me friend, act 4 is super easy compared to act 5, even maestro looks a baby compared to collector. What I can suggest you is practice in arena daily. You need to practice your game a lot if you really want to continue playing this game for it gets only uglier with each level and as I said earlier. Act 4 is nothing!
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