Dr voodoo again broke with new update the game version 19.0.0

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@Kabam Valkyrie @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Zibiit @Ad0ra_ @Ad0ra with due respect and humble submission to state that dr voodoo again broke his ability with new game update version 19.0.0.

I am going to Mention All those bugs that i am Experiencing on new updates now.

● When Dr voodoo Use his special 2 with Even combo,after that he Dont burn power as much as he did before with 3 Power burn buffs.

● When I use Dr Voodoo special 1 Like 3 or 4 or 5 times in a fight,after his special 1,he dont move ,block or even dont dash back so i get attack by opponents.

● With "Odd Combo" special 2 dont reduce opponents power Like 90% times so "Hyperion" get and use his special 3 And i die easily on any hard quest.

● In alliance quest when i am going to fight with any type of sentinel ( tech,science,mystic,skill) dr voodoo dont burn any power with his (Even combo ) Special 2 and Every attack Burn just 0.03% power. So all sentinel gets always 2 bar of power even i use special 2 with even combo and dr voodoo's attack don's burning much power now with his hits.

This is previous issue that : i feel still dr voodoo's dash back not do too much distance from yellow jacket and elctro's special 1.

Thats All Guys.
Sorry If I Am taking your too much time.
I know you all are doing your best for all summoners and wish you very good luck.

And i am requesting that also,plz dont nerf dr voodoo.he is my 1st weapon in whole mcoc and i love to play with him everywhere.

I am not lucky with any crystals pull.
And dont have any god tier champions in my roster without dr voodoo,

I dont have any 5 star blade,iceman,stark spidey or medusa .
So feel I can live with dr voodoo in mcoc.
If You guys take it serious and take a look about all those issue that i mentioned .
It will be best For me.otherwise i feel All my 3 years 5 months hard working on this game is Totally wasted to rankedup My dr voodoo as a main champion for me 🙁🙁🙁

Thank you from bottom of my heart.
Have a Nice day all of you.


  • Gustafah88Gustafah88 Posts: 62
    Nice observations. Dash back was always an issue, probably won’t change. But the others i experienced as well after update. Will create a post with other issues i noticed as well.
  • IcejrIcejr Posts: 431 ★★★
    Thank you so much For your reply the post @Gustafah88 .

    Of you get more issue with Dr voodoo.
    Please keep Update My post with Tag @Kabam Miike So they can investigate about all those issues
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