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New 19.0 update phone problems [Merged Threads]



  • iPhone 6s
    Latest Update
    Before version 19, no real big problems except I would log out of the game a lot of I went to another app, but that has been going on for hmm a year now?
    After 19
    Phone gets hot, not super hot but certainly noticeable
    Battery Drains 80% faster now
    Random slow motion fights where screen gets super slow and special attacks pause and slow makes fights very difficult, this is random, happens here and there like today in War
    Occasional problems where I cant leave the MCOC app, I am stuck on it and have to do a hard reset to reboot my whole phone
    Occasional knock outs right to the login in keypad screen
    Weird issues with other apps like record for Iphone where I sometimes cant turn it off when I am recording the game and have to reboot phone

    All these happened right after 19 release, really has caused havoc with my phone.
    Hope a update will be released soon
  • SkymastrSkymastr Posts: 46
    Seems like they dont care anymore ? İts been 3 day so still no1 know how to fix that **** ( iphone7 plus + brandnew iphone x both have same issue after 19.0 mcoc update)
  • SRArch_SAI21SRArch_SAI21 Posts: 81
    Guys it’s been more than 12 hours I opened the game , trust me my iPhone is breathing air and working how it should , I am super happy that have no issues so far , and my battery is still 75% didn’t even charge again
  • HazerfaceHazerface Posts: 46
    I have iPhone 7 and after update my phone heats up and if I play 6arena rounds that’s like18 fight the phone will shut down. Can’t recover for 15 minutes. Too unreliable to play AQ,aw.arena. When it shut down i lose connection couple time and arena streak breaks or I start with half life on any quests.
  • ProducteProducte Posts: 36
    I posted before my specifics but I agree with the comment above. Every 15 minutes of playtime, either you do a 15 minutes break for cool down or the app crashes and... you are forced to wait anyway.

    Arena is impossible, a few rounds and crash.

    And hard content is impossible too. Boosts are nonsense because it is a waste.

    I wonder how is it going to be when AQ / AW starts again.
  • Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 968 ★★★★
    Kabam.... your game is causing damage to some devices.

    When the device gets too hot and shuts down/ becomes unresponsive it is doing damage to the internals on the phone.

    Either fix it (and tell us a timeline) or pull your app from the store, or Apple will end up pulling your app because of the damage it’s causing.

  • Im having same problem as everyone else.. overheating.. Game crash/black screen and cant restart phone for minutes.. happens several times a day..

    Im on a iPhone 7
    IOS 11.2.6
    Cellulär network
  • RobRushRobRush Posts: 26
    Same here with the phone getting damn hot and battery draining so fast I need to charge 3times a day. Using and iPhone8
  • 25 pages of reactions and not a single in depth reaction from kabam. just whow...
  • BigDaddyJoeBigDaddyJoe Posts: 357 ★★
    It’s hard to believe this wasn’t caught during the testing phase of development. You mean to tell me none of the testers used a iPhone and played for more than 15 minutes? This isn’t random
  • Mekh2Mekh2 Posts: 13
    Device: iPhone 6s
    OS: IOS 11.4
    Carrier: T-Mobile, also on WiFi

    Issue: This happened a few times
    -Game crashes in middle of game play.
    -Phone goes to load screen with loading circle.
    -Phone goes to Touch ID login screen.
    -Phone heats up
    -Phone battery drops 18% in 3 minutes!

    NEED A FIX ASAP!!! It's been over a day!!!
  • MING78MING78 Posts: 2
    iPhone 7 Plus
    iOS 11.4

    Phone overheats after about 20 mins of play and sometimes stop responding totally with sound cut off
  • atholdiratholdir Posts: 1
    I have an iPhone 6s with the latest iOS update on it.
    After the update my phone started burning battery very quickly and started running hot. Especially when I’m doing arena. After 6-7 combat begins to lag and all the phone freeze and I have to shut it down in order to use any other app.
  • FLYERFLYER Posts: 66
    @Kabam Miike can you update us about this problem??!
  • Yep...experiencing much the same issues everyone else here !! Phone gets ridiculously hot after 3 fights in Arena...serious lagging, SP2s being interrupted, heavy attacks missing targets all together ! This has all happened after updating to 19.0.

    iPhone 7+
    iOS 11.4
  • Same here after 19.0 update the game will crash and it causes my Iphone to go to black screen then back to my home screen plus the battery life dropped and phone seems to be running very hot during game play.
    iPhone 7 Plus
    iOS 11.4
  • SKOutsiderSKOutsider Posts: 117 ★★
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Loto

    Should we even open the game as it stands?

    Is this overheating problem damaging our devices?

    Is there a potential for our devices to explode due to the heat?

    You guys need to be far more proactive here as we need to know what to do.
  • ShaGaGyShaGaGy Posts: 73
    @Kabam Miike hey man, I know you guys are working on it but no update about this issue ??
    im getting parried mid specials due to lag, war is terrible and I lost an easy fight due to lag. please man try to fix it as soon as possible.
  • ContestOfNoobsContestOfNoobs Posts: 1,391 ★★★★
    we better get some compensation also on this issue aswell.

    not sure how an issue as big as this is even happening
  • MjolinarMjolinar Posts: 157 ★★
    Any sort of update would be appreciated. This isn’t just a lag or server issue. People’s devices are actually being damaged. This is beyond ridiculous.
  • SunSleepsSunSleeps Posts: 6
    IPhone 7+
    iOS 11.4

    Overheating within 5 min of gameplay start, then freezes and screen becomes unresponsive. The only solution so far, was putting the iphone in the freezer for a minute.... haha Kabam, what did you do? Please fix this, thanks.

    This all began after installing the new update.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 5,332 ★★★★★
    Don’t worry...there’s another official thread above. Now, the game team hasn’t responded to it in nearly a day, but you aren’t alone. Like...24 pages of not alone.

    Dr. Zola
  • gabmucs_MYgabmucs_MY Posts: 143
    It is time to delete the game from your device and have a good day by hanging out / go for a drink / Family time and so on.

  • Johanson86Johanson86 Posts: 6
    iPhone 7 Plus

    iOS 11.4

    Phone overheating until forced to shut down.
  • Papillon17Papillon17 Posts: 4
    same stuff like anyone else .. iOS problem .. heat , reset, all apps stopping.. device iPhone 7 Plus ver 11.4.. I don’t want to get my mobile bricked. Hope u release any update ASAP.
  • SRArch_SAI21SRArch_SAI21 Posts: 81
    I just did it
  • PiiitiPiiiti Posts: 13
    Well, just got back from the Apple store, it can't be fixed. They're sending it out to be investigated but I'll be needing a new one. Expected costs will be €400,- (around $475,-) so thanks a lot guys. As it's probably a software issue the warranty is void and I can pay for it myself. This is a disgrace! Honestly! But I suppose I'll probably get at least three energy refills to compensate for it. I'm, to phrase it carefully, a bit annoyed Kabam...
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