[ISO8D] Defenders Anonymous is Recruiting

Have you always wanted to be a part of the ISO8 family, but never seemed to find an opening to join?Now is your chance!
Our goals are:
- 15 Million+ alliance
- 5x5 Expert/Elite Tier AQ
- Platinum Tier War
- 2000+ War rating
- Elite/Fun Alliance

Does this sound like something you or a group of friends are ready for? Send TheLethalOutlaw a message on the Line Chat App to get started! Don’t forget to include a screenshot of your ingame profile;)
We started Wednesday, July 4th 2018, Please be patient.ejkxn5qx1nru.jpg

We are looking to replace a couple members aswell. CONTACT ASAP, Spots are going fast!
P.S. You will be added to the ISO8 family chat, which includes all ISO8 members. Over 180 people.


  • NanaPokuNanaPoku Posts: 50
    what happened to your rating?
  • hope4tghope4tg Posts: 149
    edited July 2018
    I guess when Seatin left ISO8D he took a couple people out with him lol
  • AJAJ Posts: 39
    That is not true. They merged with another alliance without saying. Therefore, seatin left and joined ØMNÎ.
    Maybe, once we are built up, I will see if he is interested. After all, the ISO8 family is the best one!
  • ChineseChampion868ChineseChampion868 Posts: 111
    I would love to join ISO8D however I'm only 112k rating so I don't think I would have what it takes to make it
  • AJAJ Posts: 39
    You will get there eventually! In the mean time, I can refer you to another ISO8 alliance. How about ISO8M? Maybe ISO8O could take you. I was former leader of ISO8O.
  • ChineseChampion868ChineseChampion868 Posts: 111
    OK thanks @TheLethalOutlaw I'll ask ISO8M
  • ChineseChampion868ChineseChampion868 Posts: 111
    Can u refer me
  • invinciblepawaninvinciblepawan Posts: 45
  • Luckylefty01Luckylefty01 Posts: 126
  • BrutalrulesBrutalrules Posts: 51
    I argue with seatin I unlucky got trashed
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