Summoners, the Necrosword Crystals (the crystals in the Knull Cavalier Preview Bundle) currently have a higher than intended drop rate of 6-Star Champions.

We will be leaving the crystals as is for the time being, but will be correcting the drop rates before Knull receives his official release on October 28th. To ensure that this does not affect anybody that purchased this preview bundle, we will be auto-opening these crystals before that date, but this means you will not see what you received. To avoid any confusion, please open your crystals yourself ASAP.

Potential Temp Fix to 19.0 Update

Hey fellow summoners!

I downloaded the beta for iOS last night onto my iPad and have had no crashing or battery drainage since. This leads me to believe this problem is with iOS and NOT with the update itself.

Perhaps the new frame rates are too much for the os. Either way, try It out for yourselves!

Be advised it IS a beta, it’s not the final os so I don’t recommend doing this on your primary device. If you do, just back your device up prior, in case you experience some weird activity.

No issues on my end or from my friends who have tried it. Use the link on a desktop if possible and please share it with other Apple users!

Hope it helps you all


  • DawgballsDawgballs Posts: 18
    Appreciate your diligence but as an end user of an Apple verified App we shouldn’t have to upgrade our iOS to a beta version for the app to function properly.

    The issues at hand fall directly onto Kabam. It’s heir responsibility to ensure their updated release is stable with the existing iOS, not the other way around.
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