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There is a difference between making a champions harder by introducing nodes and boosting HP and allowing the AI to cheat in your built in game mechanics! The below issues have been brought to your attention multiple times in various threads and yet None have been addressed by ANY Kabam Forum Monitors........can we please not have transparency?

1) AI reaction speed and ability to counter within less than a second vice a normal human......

2) AI punches through blocking when player is clearly blocking

3) AI executes specials IMMEDIATELY after it MISSES with a heavy....even BEFORE heavy animation finishes......AI can still be MID AIR and still has time to BLOCK or use a Special

4) Making AI turtle on nodes than drain HP if a hit isn't made in x number of seconds or just waits to do special 3 (especially with power gain champs like Mordo, Hyperion, etc)

5) debuffs on AI champs don't activate as often as expected YET AI seems to debuff more frequent....this is NOT on nodes that affect debuffs or buffs

6) AI IMMEDIATELY counters with combo after being comboed in corner

7) AI evades and dodges as if every character is Spiderman or Night Crawler

8) Excessive exploitation of above with same champs on EVERY quest map:
Night Crawler,
Stark Spidey
Classic Spidey
Symbiote Spidey
Miles Morales Spidey

Is not hard enough the difficulty with trash nodes like Explosive Personality, Bane, Power Gain 200%, Power Shield, Prove Yourself, Chaos (usually disadvantage for you),
Brute Force, Reduce ALL classes accept X class attack by 50%......etc.

You are real quick to point out "exploits" that help player and fix them with reasonable time....how about you fix the cheating AI exploits that are unfair to player?!

Don't expect harder difficulties to be easy but do expect AI to work within limitations of your game! Your crystal drop rates are NOT fair across board and some of us don't have 5 stars needed that most top players have......We have to use 4 stars to complete quests.......we expect a LEVEL playing field and at very least AI that doesn't cheat our limitations......IF it is NOT possible for a human to parry counter in less than a second then it shouldn't be possible for AI to do so!
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    #3. Thank you! I thought maybe I was seeing things when the AI goes into a special attack before the heavy animation finishes.
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    Surely they've tweaked the AI. Looks like introduction of new mastery defying champs aren't enough for them. (eg. Void and Domino messes with our dexterity mastery which we rely on to avoid damage.) Kabam ain't happy with even those. Or the newly implemented nodes. Ha, introducing new champs with new abilities are welcomed but these abilities does nothing while we use them for attacking. But in defence it'll make some money for Kabam.
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    indeed there are sections of the game where the AI is practically impossible to be beat. the speed, the reaction, is GOD Like for AI. Only in this war i've lost 2 heroes in first 2 fights because my block was getting breaked by the AI, or i was blocking and still taking damage... it's not fair for the players to have such OP AI. atleast give all the heroes the same speed AI has...
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    Add in one about auto evade champs evading out of a blocking stance and taking damage. Happened a bunch with my Stark enhanced spider Man. I was blocking against WS and my Spiderman evaded the punches but got hit with the bullets despite me not moving my thumb. Happened against Cable as well I was blocking and he auto evade the first section of cables L1 only to take damage from the last few blasts.
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    When they say they don't tweak the champs without noting it in a changelog, this is true.
    What they do change is the aggressiveness of the AI system. It's a sliding scale based on content difficulty, buffs, and a few other factors.

    As the scale is slid towards impossible.. things like reaction time after last hit, padding to trigger AI offense/ defense, and probability of activating a special attack are reduced, making the content harder to contend with.
    Dash speed, dash distance, and in particular the reaction time the AI responds to distances and actions makes a normally simple node, painfully difficult if the slider (scale) gets bumped too far.

    At the same time, each champion's base abilities feel magnified or more pronounced in particularly troublesome defenders.

    The problem with complaining about particular champions, is that it's a huge process to dull down a champs base attributes enough so as no to be so drastically effected by the difficulty scale factor, while keeping the content in less difficult areas a straight up walk in the park.

    I do agree that lately, instead of buffing the health and attack of defenders to make the fights longer, Kabam has instead increased the difficulty scale factor to fractions below impossible.

    This just leads to more complaints and 'perceived bug' reports than before.. but if they were still just buffing the heck out of defenders health/ attack instead, everyone would just gripe about that.

    At this point I couldn't care less about overly aggressive AI.. let's concentrate on getting a game that actually works as advertised first. Then we can beg em to lay off the difficulty handle a little, and maybe add buffs instead.
    There's gotta be an increase somewhere, or the content gets stale.. but maybe not so much that the AI is pushed so far that they can do things us mushy fingered humans can't.
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    I was under the impression that even the player can activate a special attack mid heavy animation. I've done it before and tends to be easier on the multiple hit heavies like some of the women use
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    Post was edited by a Kabam employee which means they’ve seen it... but they still haven’t responded.
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    The AI in this game is actually pretty fair. They can (mostly) do the same as normal players. I've seen some games AI where they literally have abilities that the player doesn't have. Infinite special meter, etc.

    Aside from the bugs of course. AI hitting through block is definitely not intended.
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    And yet I see folks breeze through Uncollected every month.
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    Frosty and lopresti I guess you guys are high LVL end game players and you both probably seen this in the higher tiers of war's and map 5&6 in alliance quests. however we are now seeing this in the lower tiers of wars and map 2&3 which is maybe not as fair it looks like that kabam are trying to squeeze not only the big boys but everyone as well
  • @MarzGroove nobody breezes through uncollected. Even the best burn through units. Dont lie. Pay to play. Good for them.
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    @MarzGroove nobody breezes through uncollected. Even the best burn through units. Dont lie. Pay to play. Good for them.

    Only for energy refills.

    The point is that is takes some time to learn how to fight the AI in the tougher modes.
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    AI is clearly faster now on harder content ...
    Game's becoming less fun every update ...
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    As for the ai triggering special before heavy animation is finished. Kabam has stated that the ai is programmed to be able to do what players can. It is perfectly acceptable for it to do this, since u can trigger your special at any time during heavy animation yourself. I would just be glad it doesn’t do it mid heavy much more often as that could lead to some serious damage and long combos.
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    AI recovery times on harder fights/maps like Uncollected monthly, etc., have gotten completely out of control. When you add the ever-present micro-lag (ever so slightly delays frame rating) to the equation it makes for some VERY frustrating fights.
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    How about they special you in mid combo.
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    last fight in uncollected monthly, adaptoid before boss in 1.2 chained combos without letting me a possibility to escape or parry or even just block ...

    sorta combo of combos .. wasn't fun ...
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    I’ll add: There is no way the AI should be able to recover from a perfectly executed 5 hit combo to Special attack and block you, yet, in the harder content it happens CONSTANTLY - ESPECIALLY when you’re winning. Video forthcoming...
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    @MarzGroove nobody breezes through uncollected. Even the best burn through units. Dont lie. Pay to play. Good for them.

    While MarzGroove is one of the biggest trolls here, I have to agree with him to an extent. Since the first Uncollected monthly quest I've never had to spend any units to clear it. I've used many items, but all were either from my stash or from the 4 hour crystals. So it is possible to not spend units to clear Uncollected quests.

    I will say though that the game gets really unresponsive at times, where it does feel like the AI is sped up. When I try to swipe away to the left, it's either I evade successfully or I end up parrying or blocking, even though my reaction time remains the same. Gets really frustrating when I know I'm reacting fast enough but my actions don't translate onto the game in a timely manner. Whether it's a change in AI or it's device or network-related I can't say for surety.
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    What I'm loving at the moment is the AI charging a heavy and smacking me basically as an extension of their SP3 and before my champ even has time to stand up.
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    phillgreen wrote: »
    What I'm loving at the moment is the AI charging a heavy and smacking me basically as an extension of their SP3 and before my champ even has time to stand up.
    Heavy to Special is a new “feature” of 19.0 update... undocumented of course but you can do it too.
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    The heavy recovery into a special is mudering me in quests. It totally screws with the mechanics of the game. AI also goes heavy straight into an evade. I had the AI heavy, evade, heavy, evade, heavy, evade me during the Master ever this month. NOT an evading champ like Spidey or NC either. After the 3rd time I just dashed back twice and waited for a bit because I didn’t know what else to do. One slip up on my evades and I would’ve eaten a heavy, total BS.

    I’ve also suspected the computer is ignoring intercepts and hitting me anyway but thought maybe I was off. I had one I was pretty sure of yesterday where it was a full screen dash by the AI giving me plenty of time to intercept. I even clearly went into my medium animation but somehow I still ate the combo. Glad it’s not my imagination
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