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Switching between devices - Piloting?

M1MM1M Posts: 22
If someone uses multiple devices, such as an iPhone and an iPad, to play the game, can that inadvertently look like piloting from Kabam’s perspective? My alliance received a penalty but we can’t figure out why since nobody has a hacked account (we have all been together for a while with no issues ever) and nobody pilots. However, I have been switching between an iPhone and and iPad to avoid letting each device get overheated. I thought I was being smart to keep my devices safe but now I am concerned that it may have looked like piloting...

Any advice or answers on this topic?


  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 12,760 ★★★★★
    Multiple accounts and multiple devices are allowed. You just can't login or play in an account that doesn't belong to you
  • M1MM1M Posts: 22
    It’s the same account that I am logging in to on two devices. My phone gets too hot to play, so I use my iPad.
  • ThatweirdguyThatweirdguy Posts: 671 ★★★
    I have been playing on both my phone and ipad for a long time. This is not account sharing. They've already clarified that.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 15,406 Guardian
    There's no reason to believe that switching between devices looks like piloting to Kabam. I do it all the time, as do lots of other players including Kabam employees. I'm not saying Kabam can't make an error, but device switching alone is highly unlikely to be mistaken for piloting, because far too many people do that. So that alone cannot be the thing that triggers a piloting detection.
  • SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 957 ★★★★
    That isn't considered piloting.
    You are most likely using the same IP address as well, so that is fair use.

    As for why you got dinged, impossible to know the exact reason since Kabam won't tell the leader of the alliance what the exact issue was. :(
  • M1MM1M Posts: 22
    Thanks for the info everyone. It’s what I thought as well since I have used both devices for a while, but wanted to make sure. We are questioning everyone in our alliance but keep hitting dead ends. It is very odd that kabam can identify the specific player but does not share that info with the alliance leader.
  • GsabaGsaba Posts: 62
    AW ratings dropped 3 times due to multiple accounts, one BG alliance so seems kabam method detects it as account sharing and automated replies from kabam support not helpful either
  • Cranmer00Cranmer00 Posts: 528 ★★
    They see different up logins in different parts or country or contintlent
  • GsabaGsaba Posts: 62
    That’s what I’m saying, same country, same ip but still AW ratings dropped for multiple accounts
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