Death matches in infinite streak

Since this new update I'm facing death matches in 4 star featured arena in between 35 and 45 win streak.Am I the only one facing this issue?.ibbnu5aa4l770.jpg


  • Clinton2111Clinton2111 Posts: 130
    This is due to the fact that summoners are gaining more number of 5/65 which increases the minimum PI cutoff to maintain the Infinite streak. Using teams 1/25 5 stars or 3/30 4 stars gets me deathmatches most of the time after the new update. I have adjusted by using a R4 4Star or a R2 5 Star with my 1/25 or 3/30 champs.
  • St333lllSt333lll Posts: 266
    It happens a lot to me. Chances are it's intentional. All the players/bots they pull champs from are probably legends or God Tier holders, and they just assume if you have a 40 streak that you can totally handle a 200 Sig level 5/65 Blade against your 3/30 Unduped Kamala Khan
  • KindaGomans3KindaGomans3 Posts: 71
    So no warning and now I have to redo it because of bs
  • KindaGomans3KindaGomans3 Posts: 71
  • KindaGomans3KindaGomans3 Posts: 71
    Please either fix or let people know ur changing it or at least what ever ur doing
  • Crazyjack719Crazyjack719 Posts: 403 ★★
    I have no problem with the death matches, they just need to make them easier to bait.
  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 242
    edited July 2018
    This has happened to me once I get to my base 5* champs and it always ends up killing me unless I wait for higher ranked champs to refresh. The unforeseen brutality of this is I’m getting nothing but fights against 5/65 blades/ Stark spidey/ round after round! It’s becoming really boring and repetitive and makes this portion of the game content “cringeable” when starting. Arena blades and game bugs...,and death and taxes.
  • MayhemMayhem Posts: 92
    This happened to me in the 4 star basic arena. I had my PI over 4500 but still got a death match. I think they changed the dynamics and didn't tell us.
  • henrieshenries Posts: 55
    Welcome to the club budds lhmjnkd0kdi0.png
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