War penalty during off season is giving advantage to piloting alliances

Hi Kabam,

So you penalised a few alliances for piloting during off season. However, this penalty allow them to start the season with lower rating. Which is an advantage for them as they will face easier opponent and gain more season points through winning.

Please consider to disallow these alliances from playing a few season war when they get caught of piloting during off season.

Else, we would see everyone to pilot during off season as they will be happy to lose war points before season start and face lower rating alliances

Please do consider this before you start the war season


  • It only benefits them if they can take a 300 point deduction and not drop to a lower tier. Lower tier = lower point multiplier. Not sure how many points between tiers, but I think it's usually 400-500 at the top, so odds are it does hurt them. Perhaps the solution is to increase the deduction to 500 pts to ensure they drop at least one tier.
  • lennie76lennie76 Posts: 9
    No wars for a week would be a great punishment/deterrent to that type of behavior. On the other hand, it would stop spending.
  • My alliance received penalty. However, no info was given regarding person or crime. Only stated that at least 1 person broke war rules. We dont know if person is even still in the alliance or if they are still cheating

  • @Kabam Miike please look into this or think of a way to make it a real punishment instead of an advantage to the piloting alliances
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