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All of us know overheating is affecting to iOS devices, but i want to show my problems with my phone:




After 19.0 release, my phone goes from 30ºC to 45ºC in a few minutes (for example 7-10 minutes) and a few minutes later, game is down and i must to restart the game in order follow playing.

This is not the only problem, time charges between fights are affected too, for example, in the first 5 minutes, between two arena fights i must wait 20 seconds (22 max) and when temperature raise to 38ºC i must wait 30 or more seconds (personal record is 41 seconds)

i can see several discussions, threads and beta test too for iOS users, and i have a bad fellings regarding Android users.

Kabam, are you trying to solve this issue in Android devices or only in iOS?

Thanks in advanced


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    LG V20, same issue.
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    and, for my items and my time wasted...
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    I have been reading some other forums about this. As an Android user myself I have experienced this as well on my Pixel XL.

    The problem has been a constant for Android users for over a year now. The thing is, unlike iOS devices, Android has many more factors as far as hardware and even the number of OS versions they could be running on. This makes "fixing" the overheating and load times almost impossible.

    As much as I hate to admit it, without one of the higher end Android devices, we should almost always expect problems like this.
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    I posted this the other day. The heat keeps going and arenas usually crash every 4 rounds -


    Device - Moto Z play
    Android 7.1.1 (Always been this version since last year)
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    its curious, because i have an older tablet, Wolder is the manufacturer, and has 4.3 android system (is so old) and with this tablet i havent got this overheating problems, game runs so slow, but i can play for an hours...i understan your comments @Jetenyo about the diversity of devices and operative systems... but in my newer device i am suffering that only from the 19.0 release.

    Thanks for your feedback
  • cAncAmOcAncAmO Posts: 301 ★★
    I posted this the other day. The heat keeps going and arenas usually crash every 4 rounds -


    Device - Moto Z play
    Android 7.1.1 (Always been this version since last year)

    wow... this is incredible...we will have problems with our devices for this game...

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    Android devices have had overheating issues almost all of 2018. I have lost 2 devices because of this. But I figure that since the game is designed for apple devices and ported for android, us android users will never see a fix.
    As for older devices you will not be getting the overheating because the game is running on lowest possible settings so the visuals are tuned way down so not overworking the cpu/gpu of the device. The lag is normal because of "frame rate increase".
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    Huawei P9 lite has overheating and battery problems
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    I have to Google pixel 2 XL and it gets pretty warm and the game is sluggish. This is a fairly bare bones phone when it comes to software and is almost brand new. If I'm playing while plugged in I'll still lose battery... that is crazy. It's pulling tons of power. For whatever reason Android seems to handle the problem better but in no way is Android immune to the problem.
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    @cAncAmO Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say older devices will fare worse. For example my older Pixel is running better than DaMunks Pixel 2 based on information provided.

    Just that each release from Kabam can be better or worse, and they can't meet optimal requirements for all devices. I can agree 19.0 has been running worse but overall Android has always struggled.

    The older tablet of yours makes me wonder if some sort of throttling/restrictions would benefit Android users rather than trying to push their devices to work harder.
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    I posted this the other day. The heat keeps going and arenas usually crash every 4 rounds -


    Device - Moto Z play
    Android 7.1.1 (Always been this version since last year)

    I see you, Twilight. ❤️
  • I feel all y'all's frustrations.
    Unfortunately, we won't be seeing
    "Android Beta Test: Looking for beta testers."
    Kabam doesn't like Google. I mean, I don't like Google because they ruined YT(technically Viacom) but that's besides the point.
    Surely Kabam can make an exception for Androids and fix the lag, long loading times, and overheating issues. They are only "looking into this" now when iOS are now having the issues. Android users only have had these issues since 12.0. We've only made threads on here many times.
    I could go on and on about this, but I made my point in two posts on two different threads.
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    kabam doesn't care about us. i mean look at the lack of action on the chance to get legends title. If you are using an android device you are at out luck and they have never lifted a finger to either level the playing field or allow us separetely a chance at legends title.
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    I do prefer Android over IOS, only one company makes IOS ( a few models). There are servals companies that make android device. There is no standard android device., all have different specifications, You can buy a Android almost anywhere, lots of models to pick from (cheaper). That's the advantage of picking a Android. If there is a serious problem on one model , probably less impact on another. i used my Android devices to play game for years, but everyone says IOS is better for game

    I bought a Iphone last year just for games , i use my Android to speak to the world, contract phone, last years model

    I have only started playing game on my Android last week, not before patch 19.0. When i do play , i am surprised how soon the devices gets hot after a few matches. I also found that game runs in the background and and drains battery very fast, something i have never worried about before

    You should read NEW 19.0 UPDATE PHONE PROBLEMS [MERGED THREADS], its really long , you should start reading from page 63

    The only way to get better in the game was to use IOS device, but things are different now for members/players and community

    I just hope this game is playable for every player once kabam have fixed game
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    I mean overheating is one thing, whatever but the crashes have become insanely numerous. Someone please take a look and fix, I'll start submitting tickets for each crash.
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    edited July 2018
    Rocap wrote: »
    I posted this the other day. The heat keeps going and arenas usually crash every 4 rounds -


    Device - Moto Z play
    Android 7.1.1 (Always been this version since last year)

    I see you, Twilight. ❤️

    Haha yes, it's a eye saving app. Also puts me to sleep while playing.

    Can say that I've missed something like this, low brightness, no blue light and can play for a long time without straining.
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    today they fix iOS problems... ok, my android is releasing fire from his battery right now

    Please, @Kabam Miike , help us
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    Agree with all of this. We need an answer for Android users.

    Samsung Galaxy 7 for me. Overheating has cost me a ton in game because I've basically stopped playing the game. No word for us.
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    in my case, problems are high every day...tomorrow my phone will take orbit as a satellite...
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    Any update on this would be appreciated.
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    from my side, problem is worst every day... yesterday mi phone reach 50ºC

    anyone from Kabam side could give us a response?
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    its a impossible tasks to fix every type of android device(different cpu, batteries size and types, version of android OS)

    does anyone know how many different android phones there are in 2018

    I just asked this on google

    "This year, OpenSignal counted more than 24,000 unique Android devices—both smartphones and tablets—on which its app has been installed. That is six times as many as in 2012.5 Aug 2015"

    "As I know, according to a dialogue of the Google, there are 18000 different types of Android devices. About 7 types of iPhone. No more than 50 Windows Phone devices(only Lumia), I think.18 Apr 2015"

    These are the only quick results I could find

    i have 2 phones , IOS used for games and Android phone is used for contacting the world. The android phone for me is better for what i do.and cheaper.

    There is no standard build of Android device, and no one can give you advice because for each devices has different tolerance for each player. IOS is better for games , Android is better as a mobile phone

    That's what i think, so sorry to say
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    My phone is HTC I complained by putting a ticket in first day I noticed this overheating issue as of yet I've had no reply the game itself takes 2 hours to drain my battery 100% when I don't play I use roughly 15% battery life per day also I have to let my phone cool down every half hour and log out the game. Not asking for compensation or anything would just like a level playing field between IOS and Android
  • Same with me it's annoying
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    Are the heating issues automatically shutting down the phone? Or is it just getting hot?

    I know when I used to play on a Samsung galaxy the battery would feel hot, but no real effects happened.

    I am Apple now and was completely unable to play for over 10 minuets without the phone discombobulating.

    But if it’s the same for you guys, I hope it gets sorted as a priority too 👍
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    I think I would just like to be told by kabam. You know , sorry android users, this is as good as it gets, the game is made for iOS users and feel free to play but don't expect it to be the best experience. Thank you. Then they can shut down the android bug threads and we can live with it or stop playing :))
    It was really disappointing knowing it was just an iOS fix they were working on after 19.0 and nothing in the pipeline for us. Been a good year for most of it.
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