Energy Daily Card

DrZolaDrZola Posts: 2,497 ★★★★★
I realize offers theoretically get slated weeks in advance, but the optics of the Energy Daily Card are rotten to the core.

The game has been overheating iOS and Android phones alike for nearly 3 weeks; most of us with overheating phones have backed off EQ and the rest of the game this month because our phones were more valuable to us than our MCoC accounts; and now a partial “fix” seems to have solved problems for a lot of Summoners. Just the right time to issue at least an interim apology and offer relief by (1)extending the EQ or (2) dropping some refills our way to help make up for the time lost due to a badly malfunctioning game, right?

Wrong. Enter the Energy Daily Card...a cheap way to squeeze $4.99 out of Summoners scrambling to make up ground.

Dr. Zola


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