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[Android] 19.1 Lag, Crashing and Performance Issues Investigation



  • KalazarsKalazars Posts: 15
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x
    Android 6
    Mobile data and WiFi
    New Event quests.. Pym particle, etc., AQ, AW

    Game begins to overheat after 4 to 5 consecutive fights. Phone gets so hot it is hard to hold. Overheating results in lag. This has been an intermittent problem but update 19.1 has made things worse. In general the load times have always been far too long on Android.

    Overheating is also noticeable on really long fights where specials have been activated.
  • DavspiderDavspider Posts: 14
    HUAWEI P9 Lite.
    Android 7.0
    Free mobile et wifi (fibre).
    Surchauffe qui ralentit le jeu petit à petit, pour tous les modes de jeu.
    Problèmes de blocage des personnages, problèmes avec parade et dextérité sur tous les modes de jeu.
    Problèmes avec tous les personnages qui frappent l'adversaire de un à deux coups mais non pris en compte, et cela sur tous les modes de jeu.
    Version 19.1 MCOC.
  • Jaguaraci_SilvaJaguaraci_Silva Posts: 151
    edited July 2018

    Moto G play

    Device Operating System: 8

    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi

    Game Version Installed: 19.1

    Game Mode: Arena and Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: the screen simply freeze when I change the AW mode attack to base. Arena is freezing 10 secs when I just hit the help button.
  • TrackerX55TrackerX55 Posts: 45
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    Android v8.0
    Game v19.1.0
    Alliance War
    Spectating Base in AW, pull up opponent Bg and doesn't show who opponent has on attack and then game froze
  • Skinner16Skinner16 Posts: 1
    Samsung galaxy s8+
    Android 8.0
    Samsung experince version 9.0
    Wifi and celluar data
    Game 19.0 / 19.1

    I downloaded game version 19.0 as soon as ut cane iut it ran fine at first but i was at work during the first few hours of playing it upon getti g home i played for a few hour and plugged my phone to charge and it said slow charging issue and takes all day to charge and will just stop chargerin g for no reason upon futher inverstigating it say phone temp to high and that whats causing it no.atter what i do it taks for ever to charge and drains extremely fast while playing mcoc other that that ive had several small issues champions just freezing in the middle of a combo or champions just dropping there block for no reason as if im not touchi g the screen ut its random and happens only once or twice every few days and i can discern and recognizable pattern to it plz look into these issue i would really like to avoid buying a new device just for mcoc
  • X_SilenceX_Silence Posts: 1
    Huawei P Smart
    Android 8.0.0
    Massive Overheat after 19.1 uptade. After 5 mins playing game laggs and heats a lot. Incredible battery drain... 😤 19.0 update had no impact, but this new messed ir all...
  • SpitonzaSpitonza Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: Spitonza
    Device and Model: Moto G5S Plus
    Device Operating System: 7.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: Happens using either
    Game Version Installed: 19.1
    Game Mode: Happens in all modes. Mostly during arena, but occasionally in story mode as well as in aq/aw
    Description of the Issue: Game often crashes, requiring me to rerun the app. In most cases it allows the match to be treated as a disconnect. On a few occasions, it has resulted in losses as well as half life lost. Another issue are visual anomolies, where you cant see anything but characters fighting as well as health percentages and colors of your special (green yellow or red) but not the special bar. You CAN push your specials, and they will work, but you cant see it filling. Very distracting.

    Some of these issues had happened in the past, but things happening much more frequently since 19.1. Has crashed at least 10 times since last nights reinstall.
  • Evil_DevilEvil_Devil Posts: 57
    In-Game Name: Evil_Devil
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S7,
    Device Operating System: Android 8.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: 19.1
    Game Mode: everything.
    Description of the Issue: fro. Time to time when u open the game u will find some texts were change into codes, and every time u open the game either the codes change to regular text or even get worse and the codes start shown in more areas in the game.

  • Bez111184Bez111184 Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: bez111184
    Device and Model: samsung galaxy s7 edge
    Device Operating system: android 8.0
    Cellular or WiFi: happens on wifi and cellular. This instance was wifi
    Game Version Installed: 19.1
    Game Mode: story quest 5.2.6
    Description of the Issue: ridiculous lag made collector fight unplayable. Especially bad with classic daredevil, but lag resulted in my death more than once
  • JefrinaldoJefrinaldo Posts: 4
    Jefry Ghitu lho
    Android 8.0
    Data celular LTE/WCDMA
    Xiaomi note 3
    After Update 19.1
    Hi Admin, please help me. After update 19.1 in game (story guest, arena) lagging, lag while 4 hit attack, i cant parry, dextery because to late. This is very lag. Please help my problem.
    Thanks regards for attention.
  • ninjadtkninjadtk Posts: 30
    edited July 2018
    In-Game Name: ninjadtl
    Device and Model: Motorola g5plus
    Device Operating System: Android 7.0
    Cellular or WiFi: both, carrier Tmobile
    Game Version Installed: 19.1
    Game Mode: Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena.
    Description of the Issue: the game will randomly crash, before, after or during a battle, for no apparent reason. The game will also occasionally lag during battles making controls unresponsive. There are also occasions when upon returning to the home screen, the game will "stutter" freezing control until it either crashes, or I have to force stop the app. In Arena mode, after 3 vs 3 matches, I will click "next matchup" and in the team selection screen, there is only one spot to be filled, like it were a quickmatch. Exiting and re-entering the 3v3 arena will resolve that glitch.
  • FineDogFineDog Posts: 403 ★★★
    In-Game Name: Fine Dog

    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S8

    Device Operating System: 8.0.0

    Cellular or WiFi: It happens on Wifi and over cellular. Cell provider is Xfinity Mobile.

    Game Version Installed: 19.1

    Game Mode: Story Quests, Event Quests, Alliance Quests, Alliance War. Haven't noticed it in Arena but I don't do much Arena.

    Description of the Issue: Since the 19.0 update I have been experiencing a lot of unresponsive controls where my champ is slow to respond or just doesn't respond at all. I just updated to 19.1 today and my came is repeatedly crashing, both during fights and while traveling map nodes.
  • YNG_RossYNG_Ross Posts: 7
    IGN: Yng_Ross
    Device: Samsung Galaxy S7
    Android version: 9.0
    Cell/wifi: wifi
    Game version: 19.1
    Mode: Alliance War
    Issue: Started a fight in war and whilst loading the app crashed. When I joined back on my Medusa had lost half her health and I didn't get the attack bonus I should have had upon finishing the fight because of this. The war we are in right now really close so could have done without this really.
  • MuksoMukso Posts: 1
    Moto Zplay 2
    Version 7.1.1

    Game will crash consistently between 20-40 minutes of play. Been this way since the Thanos update. Will get a, about to crash, warning in vs. arena as the health bars and energy bars will disappear. Controls will also not function properly. Also if crash in mid-fight there is a 50/50 I return to having lost that fight in arenas or having the same results of timing out in AQ or AW.
  • vikasjoshi9617vikasjoshi9617 Posts: 49
    I don't know how kabam used community members to check update. I guess they solely check on iOS. Post 19.0 update I am going through crashes frequently. Every 3-4 arena fights I do game crashes out to main screen. Sometime after pressing next fight in arena, screen goes black and freezes. Other freezing issue occured when I finished 3 fights in arena and instead of adding 300 BC and score it got stuck where I have to forcefully quit. As far as lagging is concerned, almost all XL champ fights are lagging. Be that champ used as attacker or AI. This happens at both corner ends of fight.

    As far as my device information is concerned, I got Moto G5+, Android 7.1, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM. No extra app installed apart from mcoc in this smartphone.

    Am I the only one or others facing such issues too?
  • MidevylMidevyl Posts: 215
    I am also experiencing my game screen freezing. You are not alone. Samsung S9 android 8.0.
  • SpudMan_GSpudMan_G Posts: 14
    Android 7.0
    Moto G5 Plus
    Cellular Data
    Game Version 19.1

    The new update has made the game unstable and unplayable.

    1)App is taking twice as long to open.

    2) It's become a pattern in the fights of the 4* Basic arena the borders from the screen vanishes and there are just the players on-screen, that is the point when the app crashes and to top it off the match is lost.

    3)When it comes to Normal quests the left hand side portion of my phone's screen starts to flicker and the app crashes.

    I hope you take corrective measures ASAP!!
  • Noob2435Noob2435 Posts: 627 ★★★
    My phone only seems to get hot if my charger is plugged in while playing
  • Jmd82Jmd82 Posts: 60
    Device - samsung galaxy s8+
    Android - 8.0.0
    Game version - 19.1.0
    Connection - both
    Game mode - all

    Im experiencingin fight lag and unresponsive game play these come and go from fight to fight. Main problems are listed below.

    1. When goin for a 5 hit combo on the 3rd or 4th hit my champ looses control and takes a combo from the defender. It feels like I micro pause type of lag.
    2. When I go for the opening parry my champ stays in this manner only allowing me to move back and won't attack.
    3. When I do get a 5 hit combo and go for an sp1/sp2 I feel the same micro pause and the special is blocked.
    4. General sluggish game play that was'nt apparent pre 19.0 and has carried over to update 19.1.

    These are there same problems that are now carrying over from update to update and is making me spend more and more time away from the game.
  • FitzFitz Posts: 14
    agent of shield
    Samsung Tab S2
    Android 7.0
    Crashes after about 15 mins of game play. At times when it does work, screen will go crazy and look like a light show on a bad acid trip😎.
    Version 19.1 of MCOC
  • Rdizzle_awf
    Samsung gallaxy 8+
    Andriod version 8.0
    Version 19.1 mcoc
    Huge amounts of lag. Cant land any special attacks no matter what combo i use. Random champ movements, just very glitchy in general, every aspect of the game seems to be affected, i havent had the overheating issue yet, just very very very glitchy gameplay some of the worst ive ever seen in the 2 years ive been playing the game. Please fix asap
  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 1,128 ★★★
    Samsung Galaxy A8 2018
    Android 7.11
    MCoC Version 19.1
    Game Mode: Event Quest
    Description: Frequent Crashed in fights and when idle
  • GAMA_FIST_2016GAMA_FIST_2016 Posts: 9
    edited July 2018
    In-game name: GAMA FIST
    Device and model: Samsung galaxy s7/ SM-G930VL
    Device operating system: Android 8.0 oreo
    Cellar: straighttalk 10GB data / WIFI: spectrum internet 100 mbps
    Game version: both 19.0 and 19.1
    Game mode: All
    Issue description: #1. Lagging- during battles slow performance choppy fighting.
    #2. Blocking and parry both are not working properly/ all fights.
    #3. Game "AI" seems to be advanced, and or modified to counter all my attacks, and game "AI" not taking damage as it should be.
    #4. Picture quality goes black in parts of the game.
  • AcheronAcheron Posts: 2
    Samsung s7
    Super long loading, phone heating up, battery draining fast. Also in aq my champ froze and i could not move after landing a sp3 on mini boss (hulkbuster)
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