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Archangel Ability Accuracy Reduction Immunity - Not fixed yet

Title says it all. The bug with his ability is still happening, and this can be easily test when trying to parry a BW.


  • Hulk_77Hulk_77 Posts: 782 ★★★
    I can confirm. I was running main story 5.2.3 and fought BW with my Archangel (yes, I know class relationships are reversed, just wanted to test this specifically). I had 5 parrys, but only 2 of them stunned BW. The other 3 did nothing. Phone is Oneplus 3t if it matters (shouldn't in this instance I think).

    This was supposed to be addressed in the patch was it not? I noticed the text describing Archangels immunity to ability accuracy reduction was fixed (it used to be in there twice, now it just says it once). Please tell me you guys actually fixed the mechanic and not just the text?
  • DC_96DC_96 Posts: 20
    Hasn't been fixed, same thing happening with Magneto, none of his abilities would work.
  • becauseicantbecauseicant Posts: 322 ★★★
    Poor Archangel...the one fix I was really excited about and it doesn't actually exist :'(
  • becauseicantbecauseicant Posts: 322 ★★★
    Just wanted to confirm I tested it as well, still not fixed. His parries are being stopped by ability reduction effects like magneto and black widow duped.
  • becauseicantbecauseicant Posts: 322 ★★★
    Weekday Bump, making sure this is visible
  • HazemHazem Posts: 243
    edited July 2017
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