Why would the moderators want to be open with us?



  • I was expecting a lot of flak for brining this up. I’m excited to see that it has become a constructive conversation. Thanks for all who have responded.
  • HigherPoweredHigherPowered Posts: 118
    Let’s all hold hands and sing kumbayah and I’m sure the bugs and emergency maintenance will get better. I don’t have access to the decision makers, customer service isn’t for everyone, they get paid to do the job, if it’s not for them, they can find another. The game has been abysmal, but it’s still great enough to keep us here. The lack of communication through the people responsible to communicate with us is a clear leadership issue of their bosses... who are either too smug or scared to have an open dialogue and be accountable to their customers, many of whom have a very large investment either financially or in time (time is money). I hope this can improve for the sake of all of us who love this game and the people they play it with.
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    Interestingly, this thread will stay active because some positive comments have been made. I agree the moderators are human beings and we must be civil. I am overwhelmingly disappointed at the sheer lack of communication and feedback recently. I am even more disappointed at the lack of effort responding to tickets- recently my tickets have been responded with “we have had a large number of tickets on this issue and probably won’t respond, but if it’s really important send yet another ticket so that we can respond once again in the same way”.
    But alas, they indeed are responsible for providing game information and getting people excited about playing the game that we obviously are very passionate about. I’m sure they are doing their best and are probably less eager to respond when the negative is flowing so much more frequently. But I guess the solution to that seems simple enough..... by maybe fixing it! lol
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    The problem is, I think, that the criticism is took personally by the mods, when it’s about the game, it’s never personal.

    They could do so many things to improve communication and I am so baffled as to why they don’t, why not do a Friday Feedback video on the forum site? Quick 5 minutes with Miike or Adora with a dev, could be a place where they can say “look, we know this is a big problem, but please understand if we try to fix it, A B C could happen and disrupt the issue even more”

    Boom... that’s it, all it takes, everyone then knows about something and why it isn’t being fixed.

    It could be “stay tuned and get ready in the next months, and then they go on to tease a new mode....

    Just simple 5 minute things, have a mod go through and grab questions from the community and get a dev to answer them.

    From my point of view though, anything critical I personally say gets jumped on, warnings, bans, and it's a shame because I am only so bothered because I love the game.

    I don’t want to see it going down hill, or not performing, especially compared to previous stages of the game.

    If I didn’t care much, I wouldn’t even come to the forums and say anything, but that’s the problem, I care too much and want it to improve and I think we have the right to be critical on some things, but we shouldn’t be punished for that.
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    moderators don't wanna deal with bs cause the community...so it seems all they do is complain and give them hell....
  • HigherPoweredHigherPowered Posts: 118
    They get paid for doing this as their job, customer service deals with BS, as well as legitimate issues... it’s the job
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    They get paid for doing this as their job, customer service deals with BS, as well as legitimate issues... it’s the job

    Ah I see, they get payed for it so it’s ok to treat them like dirt. Because it’s their job?
  • Don’t get it twisted, the guys here that are defending the mods are not happy with the game at the moment. I’m not happy with the way it’s been running. I was saying that if we treat the mods like the humans they are and not just computer names they might be more willing to try and get information. I for one would really enjoy if the game had issues fixed. Attacking the messengers isn’t going to get us anywhere. IMHO they are here to keep things civil in the forums and be our line to the game team. I feel that attacking them by way of threats or what not will accomplish nothing but severed ties. Thing have not been working with the way the entire community has been attempting to address the issues that are important.
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