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Which supposedly god-tier champ did you end up most disappointed in after getting them?

FineDogFineDog Posts: 389 ★★★
For me it was Voodoo. I know he needs to be duped, but I thought he was still supposed to be good unduped so I was really excited to get him as a 5*. I have him at 2/28 because he almost never places a loa or successfully converts them into poison, and in the meantime he plays like a glass cannon for me, but without the cannon.


  • MayhemMayhem Posts: 92
    Blade is the same for me. Don't get me wrong. He is outstanding when it comes to long fights against guys that bleed, but I just think he is good, not great. His regen and bleed are sweet, and he hits hard if you have the trinity and are able to use danger sense, but even then there are still other champs I like using more like AA and Void.
  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 2,721 ★★★★★
    Doctor strange before 12.0 (though I did already have SW by that point). Nowadays, probably voodoo too
  • WasuupWasuup Posts: 19
    edited August 2018
    For me I prefer my 5* voodoo but I was so so disappointed with my 5* morningstar she was so overhyped you realise once I started using her.
  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 2,711 ★★★★★

    After finishing Act 5 100% (I left a few biohazard lanes for last).
  • MaidrilMaidril Posts: 289
    Voodoo. He’s newer for me, but I’ve found that SL, iceman, blade and GR are my base quest team. With voodoo being put in for specific circumstances...whereas the other 4 have had utility on all maps. Medusa isn’t far behind voodoo tho.
  • Practical**
  • Stewman wrote: »
    Man, I just can't wrap my head around folks saying voodoo is disappointing.
    At 4/55 he was hands down my MVP for finishing act 5

    Anyway, on topic. He is not necessarily god tier, but I ranked Sabretooth up on recommendations from friends.
    The payoff for building up his damage just isn't worth it.

    I guess for me it was more the fact that I had other champs that could do what Voodoo does. For power control I had Magik, for ability accuracy reduction I had AA and his ability reduction is so much better. Guess I just didn't really have use for Voodoo, I'd probably r4 him someday when t2a are more readily available.
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,173 ★★★
    Morningstar for me. She just is not practice

    calling @danielmath to teach the ways of Morningstar
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