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    IDK why, but I'm still kinda holding out hope that they aren't complete fools and the compensation package will have been buffed without us knowing it.

    Imagine it was all a prank and we’re getting twice as much as 12.0

    I would be like:

    And then when u click accept it’s a joke within a joke and. It deletes half ur champs

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    Game down once again brother, you are worthy of the darkside kabaamaniacs!

    Release the wickedness in you and unleash it upon the battlerealm brother!

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    Such a sad game
  • Such a sad game

    Yup... Even sadder than Infinity War...
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    When the "appreciation" weeks starts tomorrow, the game is gonna be like:


    Damn you were right on!
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    Well, the game is down again, wich is a great sign for when appreciation week starts. If this is any indication, servers will probably be down at least as much or more.

    Oh well, at least if that is the case in a few months we will get compensated, and the compensation will be carefully determined after reviewing what effect all those outages had. So.. No reason to complain right?
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    Oooh yeah, Kabaam!, I remember way back when when the Marvel Powers were bonded! Yeah! You made a lot of promises to the Macho Manakin, didn't ya. Promises that you didn't keep!

    I remember one specific one, yeah, you promised that Contest of Champions would never be in a dangerous position! You broke that promise didn't you Kabaam! And who had to come in and make that critical save, The Macho Manakin Anakin Skywalker, covering for Kabaam again!

    Kabaam, I only come down to your fights when it's absolutely necessary, when you're down and out! That's the kind of rules I play by, but you, you play by different rules, yeah. You gotta get in your grand standing and your nerf herding, yeah!

    I remember a time when I was doing Labyrinth of Legends, and the fact that I had Maestro on the outside of the battlerealm just like you, the only difference is I was doing real good, yeah. I was stylin' out there like a Legendary Summoner, yeah.

    But guess who shows up for no reason at all! To get his grand standing and nerf herding in! You man, you Kabaam, yeah! With your bugs, errors and freezing, yeah! You just couldn't stand to sit back with your feet up and watch the legend in action! Well look at this sleemo!

    Kabaam! not only are you a sleemo, a nerf herder, a poodoo, and an e chu ta, but you're a liar too. In fact I remember a time where we stood in front of the man that does nothing but lie, Kabaam Mikee!, and you told some of the biggest lies that I've ever heard of in my whole life!

    That's a lie kabaam!, and that's enough to get me hot, but what you said to us about compensation is enough to get me to the Dark Side! Yeah!

    Kabaam you say you appreciate us, I got news for you man, yeah. I got news for you! The Macho Manakin Anakin Skywalker is going to pummel you at the Contestmania, yeah!

    And let me tell you something, you say you love me like a brother, well listen to this Kabaam! I hate you, I hate your guts! And that's what's going to be left all over the vacuum of space after Contesmania!

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    I'm really hoping you guys have some incredible suprises for us tomorrow...

    They'll suprise you by not changing anything hahaha!!!
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    Hate to say it but not spending on this game is the only way to hurt KABAM

    Not necessarily, you can post reviews about the app in both the Apple and Google Play App stores. You can also file complaints with Google or Apple also. I use Android and was not affected by the iPhone issue, but if I was and it was as bad as everyone is saying it was I would have certainly filed a complaint/greivance about it with Apple.
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    If u/we/anyone feels that enough is enough , either take a stand against it or just leave the game.
    This has me dieing. I got a thread shut down and a warning because I stood up to them in the most gentle way I could. I stated what they were doing wrong, and told them that it would be best for everyone if they fixed it. People are trying to stand up to Kabam, but all it gets is banning and jail. And quitting the game? After people have broken phones because of this, they won't just throw away something they spent hundreds on! No one can say anything Kabam doesn't agree with, because it hurts their feelings, and they are allowed to give you the worst for it. This game is a lost cause, and it is the only thing people's spent money has left to be in. If you had to destroy your cell phone, or your car, which one would you choose? Something that can be easily replaced, or that one thing you spent 30,000 bucks on? They're hoping we just let it go, and move on, so they don't have to risk their precious moola giving people Compensation.
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