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So im assuming after playing for this last week that you guys have said to yourselves you dont care about fixing the lag anymore because this is by far the worst I've seen it and not 1 thing to adress the issue. Crashing is at an epic high and i get a generic response from customer service because your game crashes in the middle of a fight and you clearly have nothing in place in war and aq to recognize that its the servers fault and not the player quitting the game. This results in my hard earned resources being used instead of the company fixing the problem!!! What a joke!!!


  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 995 ★★★
    No offense, but this last week my game has been fairly steady, aside from the occasional 'check connection' that goes away after about 4-5 seconds.
    Granted, after half an hour or so of playing arena (noticed if I just run quest it doesn't occur), my device warms up and then eventually lag settles in in the form of slow everything. Clear sign to put awayt the ipad for a while then.

    What you're describng however, I haven't noticed myself.
  • InfantryInfantry Posts: 110
    Thats fantastic for you but definitely doesnt fix any problems I'm having
  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 995 ★★★
    No, I get that.
    But what I pointed out is that your problem might not be Kabam's to solve. Sorry if that didn't come across.

    I'm not denying any issues with the game, absolutely not, but what you're describing simply doesn't apply to me, and if it doesn't, I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one that's not affected. I'm not downplaying your issues, I hope they get solved somehow, but generalizing that it's all Kabam (as it would seem from the wording), also doesn't help any.
  • InfantryInfantry Posts: 110
    Hahahha yeah its definately me and not them...whatever!!!
  • IrohrIrohr Posts: 254 ★★
    Did you check your connection?
  • IrohrIrohr Posts: 254 ★★
    Ok just checking lol
  • IOSJasoNIOSJasoN Posts: 643 ★★★
    This week I've noticed the wording pop up a few times but fixes itself before the end of the fight or within 30 seconds after the fight has ended so still counts the win..
    The one thing I have noticed a hell of a lot more this week is dropped frames..
    I go to use a sp (jump in the screen) blocked..
    I pull back (jump in the screen) their on top of me..
    After they use a sp I go to run in (jump in the screen) I'm blocked or intercepted..
    It can be really frustrating, but on the other hand you can't snap at another player for stating their not having the issue (It's great for them that their not lol).. The problems I've had are mainly on the iPhone X where as its barley happened on my Android devices..
  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 995 ★★★
    edited September 2018
    Okay, enjoy ridiculing Kabam. I'm sure your attitude will lead to a healthy life span for this thread.

    Have at it! You da man! You rock!
  • InfantryInfantry Posts: 110
    Still here and they already know they dont care so my point is valid!!!!
  • InfantryInfantry Posts: 110
    Oh bro i know ive been around a very long time thats why I'm arguing....hahah
  • John7519John7519 Posts: 22
    Thumbs up brother! Fight the power!
  • John7519John7519 Posts: 22
    I can stream Netflix to my phone, and two other T.V. s simultaneously, with no problems. But the connection problems I have with the game are probably on my end. Right? Because that makes the most sense.
  • This has been happening to many. What I have noticed is that iOS users are experiencing far less of this vs Android users. At least according to all the info I've gathered from my Alliance mates. The little black connection Box pops up QUITE frequently. Doesn't matter which form of connection I use either. My WiFi is delivering 25 mbps when i run a speed test. My connection is 100 mbps when hardwired to my laptop. My 4G LTE is rolling smoothly all day via Verizon. Yet, both give the same amount of lag. I use Android 8 on a Samsung S7. I have the screen resolution knocked down to 720p, the lowest it will go to increase game play. Still happens. So I doubt it's on my end when many Android users are saying the same thing. iOS users are also experiencing this, but not to the same degree. Or so it would seem.
  • Hey, @Infantry. We are aware of the performance issues some players have been experiencing. Unfortunately, there isn't a fix-all update that can address all the concerns all players have. It is an ongoing process of improvements with every update that should help with a number of performance issues.
  • InfantryInfantry Posts: 110
    At least im not alone
  • Sn1pes130Sn1pes130 Posts: 82
    I’m having serious issues on my iPhone X too
  • belli300belli300 Posts: 704 ★★★
    The lag on my device is coming from when my phone heats up which seems to only happen after playing arena. I even did a path in lol not to long ago and had no overheating issues. So going back to what multiple other ppl have said it’s prolly not kabam that is causing the lag but if your phone is still warming up like many of us are still experiencing that is most likely causing your in game lag. The warming of the device though that finger can still be pointed at kabam. But they don’t seem to care about compensation or fixing the heating issue or even acknowledging that Mcoc is causing heating issues still. They are satisfied with the fact that devices are no longer shut down from overheating.
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