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C'mon Kabam

Deadpool87Deadpool87 Posts: 573 ★★★
I haven't had any problems with the Gifted Danger Rooms until today against Sentinel. Just spent over 200 units on revives after using the 3 I had in my inventory to complete the two rooms. I get that they're supposed to be difficult, but when I have to use that many revives for 1 over powered champion plus 2 energies per spot it's just a little too much this time. Rant over.


  • DRTODRTO Posts: 1,555 ★★★★
    I will admit that sentinel today for master and epic difficulty was a pain to fight, got to complete analysis so quickly. Didn't have to use revives though but did take like 3 champs to finally beat them.
  • AppleisgodAppleisgod Posts: 1,420 ★★★★
    Took me like 300+ hits with my r2 3 star mutants
  • jkcjmijijkcjmiji Posts: 283
    I have been playing this game for almost 6 months, and if you guy have not used any potion to take down that sentinel in master difficulty with your max 2 star. I really give you a huge respect. I had to use all my 5 champs and spend 4 single revives on my magneto (Red) to take that guy down plus I had 2 boosts up (health and attack&health).

    Epic one was okay cuz fortunately I had iceman 4/40 90 sig.
  • DukeZmanDukeZman Posts: 604 ★★★
    200 plus hits here too in both Epic and Master. This Sentinel is BS
  • NamelezNamelez Posts: 992 ★★★
    Ima go fight him and see how bad he is LoL brb
  • IrishReaverIrishReaver Posts: 27
    Challenge. Accepted.
  • issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,472 ★★★
    Used Sabertooth and took him down Easily no revive
  • QuincyPeckQuincyPeck Posts: 63
    edited September 2018
    My 2* Magneto did the job for me.
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,469 ★★★★
    I really enjoyed that fight on master. Only took me two tries. First with mags and then storm. Parry LMLM combos and storm specials for the win
  • Lovejoy72Lovejoy72 Posts: 1,771 ★★★★
    QuincyPeck wrote: »
    My 2* Magneto did the job for me.
    My two star magneto is still looking for his helmet. The Sentinel kicked it all the way over to the Dailey Catalyst quest. I am finally seeing that the only path forward is to come back to the Sentinel with passive resistance. And if Gandhi-esque ctivism doesn’t work I’m not sure what I’ll do.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,463 ★★★★★
    Guys master is actually the hardest node (to the people saying they used their 3* with no revives) I literally have eight mutant 2* and none of them are well suited for the fight except Magneto and Cyclops...epic is easy because there are all the beast mutants as 3*. It took me a really long time with my 2* maxed Wolvie.
  • ThatGuy214ThatGuy214 Posts: 288 ★★
    Really comes to champ selection with my 3* it took iceman around a 100 hits and with my 2* i used magneto and storm it took about 200 hits between the two. Would have soloed but got caught by a sneaky l2. But honestly at this level 200 hits isn’t a bad fight just long
  • RaganatorRaganator Posts: 2,446 ★★★★★
    Really really boring day of danger rooms.
  • RogerRabsRogerRabs Posts: 548 ★★★★
    The effort/reward ratio was really off today. Sentinel isn't a had fight, but I'm not a fan of a 5 minute fight for 50 shards...

    Sentinels crit resistance was insane for heroic
  • BigDaddyJoeBigDaddyJoe Posts: 357 ★★

    I mean really
  • He wasn’t easy by any stretch. But more annoying than anything. I’m REALLY good at evading his s2 now! Didn’t need any revives or pots for master or epic but both took 2 champs to finish off for me. I’m sure if I didn’t get so impatient I could solo them both, but honestly, I just wanted to start fresh without him being fully charged lol.
  • Nothing is more annoying then the few people that have to comment about how easy a defender is, that many people are struggling with. Were all so impressed. Go place your contest of champions trophy on your mantle.... haha

    If players can complain about content being difficult for them, it is just as valid for players to comment about it not being difficult for them, so long as they do not harshly judge the players that are having difficulty.
  • JKKnoxvilleJKKnoxville Posts: 15
    And I though evasive Taskmaster was annoying can wait for tomorrow's Iceman or Domino main boss :#
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,463 ★★★★★
    He’s easy peasy but it’s just so dang long that I get bored/ sloppy/ don’t care for the 50 shards.
  • This definitely wasn't easy, but definitely not gripe worthy either. There are quite a few more pressing issues than this...
  • Shaun01Shaun01 Posts: 249 ★★
    The length of the fight isn't worth the rewards. I've got better things to do.
  • If you need to use items to beat it just quit out, using items just negates the rewards way too fast!
  • raffsterraffster Posts: 1,071 ★★★
    edited September 2018
    Bait SP1, that’s all there is to it.
  • Samspade23Samspade23 Posts: 549 ★★
    This really just isn't worth it to me. This and that juggernaut fight have just been stupid hard. The 150 red shards just isn't worth the frustration. I got better things to do. I swear they don't even play test this nonsense.
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